APRIL 22 | Earth Day Recycling Ritual

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a growing collection of lovingly used candle jars piling up. Each candle's energy has been fully released, and now, only a small amount of wax is left at the bottom of the jar.
In our book, Your Intuition Led You Here, we write about how to dispose of your ritual items when you're finished...but what do you do with the jar?
Your first step to reusing the jar, is to remove all the old wax from inside it. We recommend the following method:
1. Boil enough water to fill the candle jar
2. Pour the hot water into the container, leaving an inch of space at the top
3. The water will melt the candle wax, causing it to float to the surface of the container
4. Let cool completely before removing the wax
Then, once you have a clean container, you can put it - and the intention it represents - to good use like:
1. Vase or a pot to give life to plants
2. Paintbrush or pencil holder, as a vessel for creativity
3. Ritual jar, like a Money or Love Jar
4. Drinking glass for your favorite nourishing drinks
5. Organizer for your small special items around the home and office
🌎 Bonus points from Mother Earth if you put your jar to use in alignment with your candle ritual intention. 🌱

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