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House of Intuition is a metaphysical shop dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth. We offer readings, healings, and classes with the goal of enlightening, empowering and elevating our community. 
Healers, spiritual seekers, and friends of the light, join us on our journey of empowerment! Now is the time to develop our collective intuition and share our knowledge with each other to help heal our planet. We wish to provide you with the tools you need to heal your past and manifest your brightest future.
 Our services include Tarot readings, Astrology charts & readings, Intuitive Astrology readings, Past Life readings, Clairvoyant readings, Tea leaf readings, Palm readings, Aura readings, Oracle card readings, Intuitive Counseling, and Mediumship. We also offer a variety of healing modalities such as Reiki, Middle Pillar healing, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Chakra Balancing, Crystal healing and Sacred Well healing. 
Browse our library of metaphysical, esoteric and inspirational books or attend one of our many classes. We host a variety of workshops & special events every day. Join us for meditations, magical ceremonies, and Shamanic Journeys, as well as in-depth classes on Tarot, Past Lives, Psychic Development and more. For a full class schedule, check out our calendar online or pick one up at the front desk.
In addition to our many metaphysical services, we boast an array of magical items such as hand-picked crystals, all-natural herbs packaged in-house, and dressed magic candles. 
Wherever your spiritual journey takes you, you’ll always have a home here at House of Intuition. 




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