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How To Become Clairvoyant

For most, clairvoyance is shrouded in mystery. People feel that it is a gift allotted to a select few human beings. While it does come easier to some than others, everyone is capable of developing their own clairvoyance. Often intuition will kick on when someone goes through a traumatic experience. The catch is that most people have not learned how to develop it because they don't come in contact with that education in their daily lives and in the media they consume (yet). We are seeing more media openly discussing psychic abilities, tarot, dream interpretation and similar subjects which shows an evolution in our consciousness. If you want to develop your abilities, here are some ways to start. Developing clairvoyance can help you make safe decisions for yourself in relationships and in work so that you get guidance from the other side (your guides, soul and higher self) about the best course of action that will lead you to more happiness and less pain.

1. Process Your Emotions Daily

Sit down in a quiet place with a journal. Ask your higher self (the part of you connected to your heart and not your ego) what you need to know about your spiritual development. Listen and write down what comes to mind. Just focusing on your development will help. To understand the relationship with the higher self, check out a book called 'The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self' by Lazaris. The next step in processing your emotions is healing your past experiences that are affecting your reactions in the present. Any unhealed experiences will attract negative experiences in the present. With your journal ask your higher self what experience needs to be healed. Ask how that memory is affecting you now. Give yourself a new memory that was positive and healthy and watch it happen in your mind's eye. Write down how this new memory affects you now. For example you can give yourself loving, supportive friends and parents and a spiritual teacher. Instead of making ego based decisions, you naturally now know how to make heart based healthy decisions in relationships and feel safe expressing yourself emotionally. Do this exercise once or twice a day or even when you triggered. A trigger is when you have a strong emotional reaction in the present that's stronger than it should be and throws you off. This process of healing your past is the basis of clairvoyant development. Another important part of this process is understanding how every experience you have, especially the ones that bother you have a secret to be unlocked. This has to do with your shadow. To understand more about this check out 'The Shadow Effect by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson' as well as 'Working with Your Shadow by Lazaris.'

2. Eat a Clean Diet

The pineal gland and pituitary gland are the gateway to the other realms. For most people these glands are not functioning. In order to become clairvoyant you can use certain foods to decalcify your pineal gland. Avoid eggs, eggs, fluoride and alcohol as well as processed foods. Eat a plant based diet without additives and preservatives. The more superfoods you can get in your diet the better. Cilantro, apple cider vinegar, raw greens, chlorella, spirulina, maca, cacao, garlic, lemons and alkaline water are all helpful for opening that gate. This is a very important part in harmonizing the systems of your body to work together so that your energy can flow properly and interact with the environment. You become a stronger antenna just like a big radio and you're able to tune into the station with a more clear connection. Stay away from refined sugar and heavier foods like steaks, pastas, pizza and dairy. This will change the way the energy flows through your body and improve your digestion. Digestion has been said to be the most important part of spiritual development. 

3. Meditate Daily

When I first started doing readings once per week I noticed that if during that week I was meditating more, it was much easier to pull accurate information (impressions) for the reading. When I would get distracted and forget to meditate as much or not prioritize it, I would only get snippets of accurate information. The old adage 'practice makes perfect' does apply here folks! Think about it this way, the more you exercise your bicep, the stronger that muscle gets. It's the same with meditation. The more you intentionally tap into that energy and use that part of your brain, the easier it gets. This will help you tune into your bodies needs and create healthy boundaries for your body as well. The body is affected by stress and listening to the body's innate wisdom can help you use your time in healthy ways whether that means finding more positive environments or making healthier habits. 


4. Read Books About Clairvoyance

Keep it simple and don't overwhelm yourself. If you're just beginning to understand how our thoughts interact with our reality, start out with the movie 'The Secret.' A great workbook to develop your clairvoyance is 'The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette.' One of my teachers always says that he has a strong psychic power called 'reading.' This really drives the point home that understanding our energetic body and understanding how to develop intuition is something that can be learned just like any other subject. Some books I read when first starting out were: 'Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda,' 'Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton' and 'The Kybalion by The Three Initiates.' I also really like Doreen Virtue's books which often account real life experiences she has had interacting with the other side. Finally, I highly recommend 'Mediumship Mastery by Stephen Hermann which helps explain how to connect to deceased loves ones. I think Cindi Dales 'The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of The Energetic Anatomy' is also helpful in understanding the energy fields. Reading blogs and following the astrological movements can also help you. My favorite astrology sites that I've used are:, and We also have videos on HOI.TV to help you learn astrology and get your own natal chart. Eventually you'll be able to meet someone and know their sign!

5. Take Classes with Professionals

More than anything, having an experienced professional guide you through the learning process will be invaluable. They will help you understand the common pitfalls and how to overcome them. Just as an athlete needs a great coach, a clairvoyant needs a trustworthy mentor. Don't make things harder on yourself by just flailing around in the dark without structure or direction, get someone to help you who has been where you are in their development and worked through it. House of Intuition has a team of gifted healers who can guide you in your development. There are readings available to help you move through blocks and figure out what your next step is as well as classes in person or online through www.HOI.TV. Every year, Naha teaches an 8 Week Intuition Development Course in person at our Echo Park location. Afimaye has been connected to the other side his whole life and he can help you in readings to see what you can work on. Being able to ask questions can really help you get clarity and move you through confusion in this new level of awareness.

6. Take Care of Your Body

To make this process easier on yourself, exercise. Yoga helps to unlock clairvoyance because it harmonizes the systems of the body, making you more sensitive and releasing negative emotions. However, if you just walk or do intuitive movement, you can still benefit. The better you treat yourself, the easier your clairvoyance will develop. Get adequate sleep, eat regularly and don't push yourself to the point of exhaustion. You need your health to be able to be a strong channel for spirit. If your body isn't digesting regularly, it will be full of toxins and you will struggle to become clairvoyant. Yoga is great for your digestion! Exercise helps clear your energy field so you can be 'clear.' 

The more you start to immerse yourself with other people that work as healers, the easier it will be. You will start to understand the chakras and the different types of clairs more readily. As other clairvoyants share their process with you, you'll know how to deal with the fears that can come up when starting out on this journey. For all you metaphysical junkies out there, looks like you may have found a new hobby! Truly the ability to help others see what is blocking them, what their potential is and how to heal is something that can save their life so this work is one of the most brave and compassionate fields to step into. Let others support you and know that if you practice, it works!


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A New Moon With A Ton Of Potential

April 26th is a new moon in Taurus. There is some extra magic with this new moon based on the other planetary aspects. You can expect some twists in your favor that come from a vision you have been mulling about in your mind's eye. The imagination is stimulated although this new moon is in a more grounded earth sign. Taurus is all about the finer things in life and now you may be realizing some changes you'd like to make in your physical environment. This is the perfect time to buy a book that will help you work on your self esteem and create self sufficiency in your life through your new found tool of self confidence. Taurus also rules the throat, neck, thyroid gland and vocal tract which means anything you're not speaking up about can come out now. It's common to feel things in your body in the area the moon is in as well. Have you noticed people with sore throats or skin reactions around that area in the past few days? Energy is quite powerful but you do not need to be afraid of getting sick of course!

Taurus helps you begin long term projects that will help you financially. And the new moon is the perfect time to start something. Chances are you already have something in your consciousness that you want to pursue. Also, the thing you start now will likely stick with you for a long time so it should bring you joy. The key word with this new moon is stabilize. There has been a lot of 'feeling lost' energy with all the retrogrades happening and this new moon is going to be your anchor out of that confusion. Thank goodness!

Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This is a ripe time for relationships to bud as well as projects in the arts or creative spectrum! If we go deeper into the archetypal meaning of this new moon it's about maturation from the virgin to the mother archetype. The mother is fertile and can birth things instead of the virgin who is naive and targeted. The security of being responsible is now available for your consciousness and your psyche will be able to think in more practical terms about how to navigate your own personal goals.

Finally, you have the opportunity to work through some fear or guilt with this new moon. The alignment of the stars helps you see your own darkside. In practical terms, notice who you have been speaking negatively about in the last couple of weeks. What do these people reflect in you? Everything in our reality mirrors a part of us. Then look at that characteristic that bothers you and find the positive expression of it. For instance, self centeredness could be expressed in you positively as a little bit of indulgence to generate that blissful childlike wonder for the world that will generate the positive energy you need to attract things! This shadow work is very powerful and helpful. Talking negatively about others is a futile use of energy and those 'people' will not leave our consciousness until we find the hidden energy within that mirror. This is magic! If you'd like to learn more about shadow work, read a book called 'Working With Your Shadow' by Lazaris.

At House of Intuition, we have a new moon sound healing session with Christine at 7pm at our Echo Park location that can help you clear out stale energy or you may want to check out our special new moon intention setting candle also available online! One last thought for you is to look for where you are seeking happiness outside of yourself and generate that happiness from within. What momentum can you create in your own life so that you do not rely on other people's energy to keep yourself happy? Get clear with your intention (why you want to start something in the first place) and that purity of heart will drive you forward and remove unhealthy attachments! 

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How Cleansing Can Help You In Your Day To Day Life

Our ghosts are not very understood. They are memories stored in our cellular memory and in our subtle energetic body. Growing up with no understanding of this I'm so excited to share how cleansing tools have helped me in my daily life. Here are some common experiences we all deal with that you can use cleansing tools for. First of all, something close to our heart, our relationships. When our fears spiral, we can easily sabotage our relationships. This is an unconscious pattern that can repeatedly end our relationships, stalling our own personal development and putting us through unnecessary ice cream and chocolate binges, hey we've all been there.

Our perspectives of our relationships are seen through the lens of past experiences that have not been cleared. How do we clear these though? We can search in the recesses of our minds for anything that still has a charge. Where is there still resentment, anger or victim mentality? There is still a lesson there for us, something we have to come to peace with about how we attracted that relationship and needed it to learn something. Once you glean the lesson, it will start to clear. Depending on how long you've been expecting that same scenario to play out again, it might take some time to cleanse your emotional body and neural patterns from this experience. We bring out the big guns for this. We do breath work everyday for daily maintenance. We cleanse our room with sage, selenite, incense and wear stones that keep us positive (amethyst) and self loving (rose quartz). We use affirmations to create new thought patterns in our psyche of a story we actually want to believe. That means if people haven't treated us well in the past, we cleanse that record on repeat by saying 'people treat me really well.' In meditation we even visualize a healthy relationship where this is the case. This has helped me immensely!

Many ghosts in our relationships come from the way our parents built up our self esteem growing up. The way we try to attract people is based on how we saw other people do it. This might mean that we are believing a story that media has told us about how our external appearance needs to be in order to attract other people. Those habitual thoughts have been deeply ingrained since we started to fit our identities into those old Disney princes or prince templates right? When it comes to our relationships, we need to look at what type of person we are in action not in appearance. Cleansing this environmental influence takes daily work. Noticing the thoughts, taking salt baths to clear our energy field, asking our guides for assistance in releasing those thoughts and even getting reiki can help too! A reiki practitioner will often pick up on self esteem issues and help you clear them.

Next is the ghosts of our past that come from our relationship to money and work. Our ancestral heritage affects this, our beliefs around money and the way we have been treated affects our self esteem. If we saw people who felt entitled, we will often lack patience in developing our skills and resent hard work. If we saw people lacking confidence in their own ability to learn new skills, we will not see our own potential. In order to cleanse these unhelpful negative entities, we can work with a healer to debunk them. Often a clairvoyant is good at picking up on the unhelpful patterns of though that are holding you back or keeping you in a job that you're not content in. A clairvoyant acts as a mirror for you to cleanse your ghosts. They won't always give you information that makes you feel super comfortable because they help you confront those negative entities so you can be aware of them and then using your intention and tools, remove them. 

Calming music and candles can keep our mind from becoming negative, aggressive or fear based. Living a prayerful life and surrounding ourselves with spiritual teachers and social engagements can help banish fear based thought patterns. Being around people who have been working on this a long time and speak the language about how to get through it is invaluable. Our online classes on www.HOI.TV and our in person classes in Echo Park are a great space for you to banish negative entities. We have all the tools on our online store too! These tools and types of activities helped me create jobs I love and lasting relationships. I am so beyond excited to share this perspective and information with you! 


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How To Navigate Pluto Retrograde: Spotlight on Power & Control

Today Pluto stations to start it's retrograde tomorrow. It will be retrograde for a few months until September 28, 2017. Whatever has control over you or whatever you have been controlling will be brought to light. If you are addicted to someone or something, you can expect to go through a detox and if someone has been using you, that will be brought to light. Pluto is not as an intense of a retrograde as the planets that are the closest to us however it will bring up our own insecurities about expressing our own power. Look for the pattern in how you stop yourself from using your power, the pattern can be more easily seen now. 

The big theme here is letting go. What have you been holding onto so much that it's unhealthy? Have you been eating bad foods or watching negative media? It's time to purge. It's also time to look at why you might be afraid to use your power. For women, maybe you haven't had an opportunity in this lifetime or seen women exercise their power. For men, have you been giving away your power to outside forces? The desire for sovereignty over your time, resources and mind may propel you towards life changes in relationships and work.

Think of this retrograde as a time when you can expect some curve balls to come up but you will be prepared to deal with them. Initially, you may feel like giving up on your project because you're afraid of using your authority however, this psychic block is the first roadblock. You'll need to look deep within in meditation to see where your feelings are coming from and debunk them. With all the 'starting new things' energy this year, this retrograde period can be make or break for you. 

It's so important to keep ourselves and our friends aware of this subtle auspicious phase so that we don't let go of what we have been creating. When you feel attacked with anxiety, know that it's not coming from anything in your life currently but from cosmic forces bringing up the past. It's exacerbated because Mercury is still retrograde so things can feel like they are stalling but PERSEVERE! 

(Art: Titled: Addiction by Khairzul MG)



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Unique Upcoming Classes at HOI

Many people wander into the doors of House of Intuition out of curiosity and leave with an inspiring book, candle or crystal. The magic of House of Intuition can be felt just browsing products and speaking with the helpful gatekeepers. Some choose to get a healing or a reading when they really want strong guidance or assistance. I wanted to remind you that one of the best ways to bring the magic home with you is through our in person classes which can teach you how to become a healer and magician! Here are a few of the unique classes that we are super excited to offer the community in the coming weeks! You can sign up for them on our Meetup through this link

Moon Walking: Lunar Mansions In Theory & Practice with William Kiesel Friday April 21st at 7:30PM

William Kiesel has over a quarter century of experience with Hermetic Qabalah and will be teaching the class the system of the lunar zodiac which is a traditional form of astrological magic. Understanding and using this magic can affect many areas of your life. William is also the director of a publishing company that produces classic esoteric texts. This is a great class to attend because of the extensive wisdom he has to share and also because it is happening right before a powerful new moon on April 26th. You can sign up directly for this class by clicking here


The Unconscious & Unexplained: Infertility with Oliver Wednesday April 26th at 7:30PM

This class can help couples understand a crucial piece of their infertility. Oliver helps you in a very practical way understand how experiences we have had can become lodged deeply in the unconscious and affect our nervous system. Oliver uses a special foot reading system for this class that is truly fascinating. It is a small class limited to 4 people. Oliver has had great success with this technique and if you're interested you can sign up here.

Oliver is a BEST practitioner and aids the student in finding their body's innate intelligence.

Energy Healing & House Blessing with Naha Thursday April 27th at 7:30PM

This class is for healers and people who just want to learn how to clear stress out of their lives. This class will also help you learn how to ground your energy and protect your house. Come and learn the basics of moving energy and using your intuition to help yourself and your loved ones. Additionally you will learn about distance healing which is sending healing energy to people not in your physical presence. Curiosity piqued? You can sign up here

Naha has been studying the esoteric sciences for over 20 years and provides excellent guidance no matter where you are on your path.

Cyrstal School with Naha A 6 Week Course Starting Thursday May 4th at 7:15PM

Go on a journey with your new chakra crystal set that you will receive in this class. You will learn how to use them for healing, accessing information, attracting positive experiences and making grids. This class is great for both beginners and experienced metaphysicians. You will receive a wealth of knowledge, a workbork that will help you understand the therapeutic properties of crystals. This class is rockin! Sign up here.

There are also many more incredible classes on our Meetup that you may feel more called to as well. If you're wanting to dive into studying about magic and metaphysics we also have our new online class platform www.HOI.TV which makes our teachers accessible globally. While we love to meet each student personally, we understand that it cannot always happen and the classes are available so you can grow from wherever you are in the world. There is a free day trial and after that you can learn for less than a dollar per day. 

Thank you for being a part of bringing more light, love and empowerment to the world with us! ~Blessings


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