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Hope & Lasting Happiness: New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology

“You may get your wishes fulfilled with this solar eclipse. Stay mentally prepped for people’s lives to change around you and focus on your highest purpose.”-Shannon Yrizarry

We have a very positive alignment in the planets this Sunday! An eclipse helps put you where you need to be. Essentially, it’s like getting help from the universe. The solar eclipse and new moon in Pisces is helping your wishes become fulfilled especially in the areas of using your talents as well as romance. An eclipse always represents the end of something and the beginning of something as it is the strongest aspect the sun and moon make. If we are focused on a higher power, we can truly align our lives with lasting relationships and using our natural abilities for others. This new moon is in Pisces which is a mystical and highly intuitive sign so your focus on Sunday will most likely be on spiritual aspects of your life.

Relationships are given a positive boost at the end of the week and artists may find opportunities and extraordinary inspiration arrive. Because Pisces is a water sign, if you’re already a sensitive person, I highly recommend taking some time alone for decompression and a salt bath as the energy will be highly psychic and we may feel a lot of other people’s emotional stuff. For those that aren’t used to feeling so much, they may be confused as to what is reality and what is not. If you can intuitively prepare for people to be slightly out of sorts or just not in their most grounded logical state of mind, you won’t be caught off guard by the Pisces new moon energy. The expansive energy of the planet Neptune can induce some escapism for those who don’t have a firm foundation so support your friends in this time by encouraging them to meditate instead of medicate.

Last year's eclipse season during September brought a lot of change for people. Looking back to September, this month’s eclipses are ending what was beginning at that time in 2016 and we now are starting something new on the solar eclipse. This year we have another lunar eclipse August 7 and a total solar eclipse August 26th exactly 6 months from this Sunday’s solar eclipse. The changes started during this period will likely culminate or find resolution in some way in August. Last year was a year of ending and purging so this month you may finally get to let go of what you no longer need while finding things turning in your favor. Since endings are necessary for new beginnings, you may finally see why things had to fall apart last year so your new growth could occur this year. Yay for emotional closure! Mostly this change energy is about opening a positive and productive gateway in an area that has been in high focus for you!

The theme with this new moon is wrapped up in how much effort we are putting in. If we are truly acting to be a leader and pushing forward, you will find great success. If you are being greedy, there’s a chance you will feel the ramifications of that energy too. So be diligently altruistic in the coming months to get the best results and most lasting happiness. The good news is there is an alignment with a special star that is known to fulfill wishes so on this week, ask your higher self what you should wish for that is in the highest good for all. Sometimes we wish for things that may not be what is best for us and if you’re not clear on what it best, I would set up a reading with one of us at HOI over the phone or in person. If you’re new to meditation, it can be hard to get clear advice from the higher self and that’s what we are here to help you with.

The sun also just moved into Pisces where it will be until March 20th. This month you will feel more mystical, creative, intuitive and other worldly. Pisces people are unconventional in the way they relate to the world and easily pick up on energy around them so they need to take extra time to clear their energy or wear crystals that help them with that such as black tourmaline or selenite. If you know someone with a birthday this month, that would make a great gift!
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Intentional Living

House of Intuition offers candles, crystals, journals and books all to help you become an intentional and more conscious human being. We don’t do this to become rich, we do this because it has helped us become happy. We want other people to feel the peace and magic that we have experienced by connecting to the other side. We experienced a great reading, a blissful meditation, an empowering yoga class and said, "hey the world needs to feel what I am feeling!" We changed our lifestyles and started speaking and acting well yes, less conventionally. We broke the chains of the mind to be able to think for ourselves and make a life we were excited about living which means, one of intention.

Living intentionally starts out different for each of us but it’s really a lifestyle. It’s about self love, treating ourselves both physically and mentally like a best friend. It’s also about communicating peacefully with others and knowing how to use our energy to heal the world. Intentional living means contributing all of your energy to raising the vibes in your own energy field, in your community and through the ripple effect in the world. This means that no matter what job we have, where we live or who we interact with, we have an ability to affect the global energy grid we are a part of.

Living with an attitude of gratitude raises the vibration we share with our environment which is constantly fluctuating based on the thoughts generated by everyone on the planet. World peace starts inside each of us. It starts with an intention. It starts with each of us taking a moment to create a positive loving intention, thinking of the good of all so we can hold up the energy on the planet and help everyone feel more peaceful. There is an ancient law of the universe that says, “as above so below. As within so without.” Just as the moon and sun affect our emotions, the internal process we can generate also affects our external world. This is a deep esoteric truth that is making it’s way into mainstream consciousness through talk shows, music, the internet, social media and even movies like Dr.Strange.

What if we realized that we each could activate world peace by healing the thoughts we have in our mind? What if we created a grassroots movement of world peace by deciding to live intentionally? When our words and thoughts are peaceful, compassionate and loving, we choose sustainable products, we raise happy trusting children and we create healthy relationships. We choose activities that heal us and don’t harm us and we allow others to see the joy we create and want that for themselves. We even choose food that heals us when we live intentionally because we take care of ourselves. Intentional living is a concept that has become more mainstream but is still somewhat vague.

If we simplify our lives and just live to do better, to be a better and kinder person to ourselves and others in every moment, we are living intentionally. When we let go of the need to out-do others, to gossip, to put others down, we create space for joy in our lives. When we let go of having to go along with status quo and think about what is best for the world, we choose jobs and social outlets that heal us and others. If we all were living to take care of each other, knowing that wherever we are, we are making a difference, world peace would be a reality. Choose peace, live intentionally.

We are here to support that journey and create those habits in your thoughts and actions. In humble service, House of Intuition.
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A week from now on February 21st, a priest and healer, Afimaye Galarraga, with House of Intuition will create a sacred portal to the deity Oshun. In this sacred gathering, you will be calling upon this deity to manifest love. This is a special time to find closure after a breakup or to finally get over a past lover. If you're trying to find the right mate, this is the right place for you.

Afimaye is a Yoruba priest who does healing work around the world. He is a conduit for spirit and a translator. He has a strong connection to the divine and his constant dedication to cultivating relationships with these deities allows your energy to be opened in this sacred gathering. If you want to bring love into your life, you have to clear the negativity from your mind and energy field. This meditation will be empowering and activating. It’s happening at 7PM at our Echo Park location.

Here is a little background on the goddess Oshun. She is an African Goddess of love. The deity Oshun is one of the most venerated orishas. Orisha is a word for spirit or deity. Oshun is a deity of the Latin America and Yoruba traditions. Yoruba is from western central Africa in Nigeria. Oshun is a river goddess and resides over fresh waters. There is a yearly festival dedicated to her and she is said to descend into one of the women dancers. She has been brought into other traditions over the years as well as people have migrated. She is now a part of the Cuban Santeria as well as traditions in Brazil and Haiti. Different cultures spell her name with slight variations.

The orishas each have a color and number associated with them. Her number is five and the color is yellow/amber. She is associated with the metal gold or bronze. Some foods associated with her are pumpkins, oranges and honey. The characteristics she imbues are beauty, sweetness and joyfulness.

I see many people wanting love but not slowing down to create space and intention for that sacred union. What often ends up happening is they meet someone haphazardly. I think it’s best to work with spirit to bring you a higher love and soul connection. We know that Los Angeles can be a fast paced success oriented place and Afimaye is helping to counteract that energy so you can manifest something magical.

“In this fast and rapid-paced life in which we live in, we forget and make little effort to connect with our inner-self and spiritual side to cleanse our aura of the unimaginable amount of negativity that surrounds us on a daily basis. Stress levels are at a great high and we are in dire need of all the spiritual work our bodies, mind and soul deserves.”-Afimaye Galarraga

I will leave you with this. The world is a mirror, showing us where we are, what our intentions are and what we can work on. When you do meet someone, see what they are reflecting in you. If you have been meeting people you are dissatisfied with, look at it as an inner calling, from your soul to develop your heart and connect to your life’s calling. When you are truly satisfied with who you are and living from your heart, the purity of your soul will manifest love that is easy and fun. I see this with all of my clients across the board. Tell your single friends about this class or just bring them! I truly know that a class like this is powerful enough to change lives.

Be blessed.
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Meditation Can Heal Your Life: Here's How To Begin

Meditation teaches you how to notice your thoughts. It makes you aware of how your emotions follow the thoughts. When we feel peaceful because we have the intention to share love and be grateful, our emotions feel calm. When we feel invigorated and inspired because of our intention to change the world, we see that meditation and directing the thoughts like an orchestra, is highly valuable in our enjoyment of life. Many clients that come to House of Intuition are thinking about what’s going wrong in their life and we ask them to start to meditate so they train themselves to think about what could go right. The emotions follow suit and start to make you feel better. As your energy field starts putting out good vibes, people enjoy your company and your life snowballs positively. How do you keep this momentum? Meditate in the morning and at night and use little mental tricks throughout the day to direct and notice your thoughts.


This information is so valuable to you that it could keep you from developing an addiction, marrying the wrong person or taking a job you will feel drained by. It could direct you to take care of your body, feel uplifted and enjoy higher quality relationships. Meditation slows down our thought process, takes inventory and allows us to weigh which thoughts are worth having. You are the writer and director or your life and meditation is where you write your story.

Where do you begin? First you need to create the vibe that will allow your mind to slow down. Get some calm music from HOI.TV, Spotify or Pandora on your phone. Next light a candle and maybe some incense to create a relaxed vibe. Turn off or dim overhead lights. Get a journal to record your thoughts and you’re ready to begin. Sit in a comfortable position and start slow breathing. I like to visualize a white space around me where any thoughts are kept outside of. When those thoughts start to come in I say, not now. Then I get clear with what my intention is. This has to do with my deepest motivation. What do I feel the world needs? How can I help? What should my focus be? I write down what comes after listening for a while.


Then you can ask, how should I take care of myself better and how can I show up for others better? Write down what comes to you after listening to your heart. Next ask if there is any past experience that is clouding your vision right now that you can let go of. Listen and wait. Write down anything that comes. To finish your meditation, write to your guides, the saints, sages and angels. Thank them for bringing what you truly feel is what you need and desire into your life. Visualize having that in your life. Now your mind is positive and projecting a good story, created by you. Imagine if you do this morning and night how you will be able to attract nicer friends, be a nicer person and get in line with your true life passion.

Meditation allows you to slow down and realize that you have the ability to respond peacefully. It gives you a choice to react with anger or love, fear or compassion. When dealing with family, roommates and partners, we need the mental training offered to us by meditation. If you want to be a successful person that gets along with others, you have to sit in meditation and get real with what emotions you are generating that are not positive. The more positive you become and the more intention you live with, the more valuable and enjoyable you are to others. Meditation can help you get promoted, find a soulmate and make better decisions for yourself. Meditation can help us see where or with who we are wasting our time.


I teach manifesting classes and I have seen so many people activate their vision in meditation and suddenly manifest things because their focus becomes laser like and consistent. Many people don’t realize they can manifest and so they just hope good things happen. Meditation and writing thank you for (whatever you are wanting) will help bring it into your reality. You can learn more about meditation in person at our Sunset location (classes are listed here or on our TV Channel www.Hoi.Tv.

The last frontier, is not unexplored lands or becoming super rich and famous, the last frontier is understanding the mind and not being a slave to it. When we are able to use the mind to create what we want and to influence our life, we are truly magicians. This is most likely the most empowering information one can master in a lifetime. Have a blessed week and thank you for reading. Consider sharing this inspiring article with someone you love!
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Our Favorite Valentine's Day Essential Oil's

We have a very affordable undiluted and organic essential oil line that I wanted to highlight for you this being that it’s almost Valentine’s day.  I myself am so excited about it! Our geranium oil is affordably priced at just $22 or a sample size for $6 and it has no base of alcohol as most oils around this price have. You’re getting pure geranium oil. Geranium oil is used as a hormone balancer and mood lifter. It reduces inflammation and helps with acne. It’s used to reduce anxiety and fatigue as well. You can place some on the insides of your wrists and behind your ears and you’ll smell it even the next day because it’s so potent! It’s also known to help with sore throats, depression, insomnia, menstruation and menopause. Women love to wear this floral scent and it is my number one pick! This oil is an aphrodisiac and promotes sensuality and intimacy, a great pick to wear this week leading up to Valentine’s day to set the mood!

Next we have our calming Lavender oil which is also a known and widely used aphrodisiac. This oil brings the nervous system into a relaxed state promoting restful sleep and it’s even antibacterial. This plant is used for it’s antimicrobial and antifungal properties often. It’s another anti inflammatory plant like geranium and is one of my favorites to rub on sore muscles. You can diffuse this oil in your house to create a soothing yet sensual vibe and even calm your pets! It’s known to be quite sedative and parents sometimes use it at bedtime for the kiddies to help them wind down. It’s also known to be detoxing and like geranium used to treat acne. People use it for eczema and psoriasis as well. It’s often to used to speed up the healing process of wounds of just lift the mood!


Our cedarwood oil is grounding and known to arouse the senses. It is more musky and masculine in scent than the first two I mentioned and may be a great gift for a man on Valentine’s day. It’s healing properties are unique in that it helps the gums and is used for toothaches. It’s also used to improve focus, so if you’re a student, pick up a bottle at one of our stores or online! It’s also good for fungal infections and is another anti inflammatory oil. The earthy scent will help you meditate or remain calm when you feel nervous about a date! Another fun fact is that it promotes hair growth!

Next in line is another aphrodesiac, vanilla. Our vanilla essential oil, priced at $22 or a sample for $6 is pure and magical. It’s comforting aroma is known to be a natural antidepressant as well as a strong calming agent. This one is also unique in that it is anticarcinogenic. We love that so many of our valentine’s day picks are also so incredibly healing for common ailments as well! This one is known to lower blood pressure, alleviate symptoms of PMS and yes give your libido a boost!

“Vanilla helps stop the growth of cancerous cells!”

Our final Valentine’s day pick is our Bergamot oil priced at just $18 or our smaller sampler size for $5. This floral scent helps alleviate depression and improves digestion. It’s also an antiseptic oil that can be used as a perfume, a sedative, a healing balm or deodorant. It also has antibiotic properties and is even used to help with bad blood sugar.

I hope this inspires you to get some aromatherapy going to bring up the vibes for your valentine’s day! Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s always a good time to invite calming vibes into your day as a self love practice!

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