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Our diverse and sought-after ritual tool range has garnered immense popularity, and we're thrilled to announce that as of 2024, we're opening our doors to carefully selected wholesale partners.

This brings us to you – we are on the lookout for the most aligned territory partners who share our vision and values, and who are open to a transformative and financially rewarding experience. We believe that our hand-crafted products and commitment to inclusivity will be an elevated addition to your retail offerings. Whether you run a boutique, a spiritual wellness store, or any establishment catering to individuals on a spiritual journey, House of Intuition products can resonate with your customers.

If you are interested in becoming one of our esteemed vendors, please reach out to us at wholesale@houseofintuitionla.com.

"Kindly note that shipping and insurance responsibilities lie with the receiver, and the FOB Origin setup ensures a seamless transition of ownership once the goods leave our warehouse."

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We're not just opening wholesale accounts; we're curating partnerships with businesses that align with our ethos of positive community impact. Our selection process is meticulous with mutually beneficial goal in mind.

Profitable Collaboration

As our territorial partner, you'll enjoy competitive pricing that allows for attractive profit margins. Our products, backed by a proven market demand, present a unique opportunity to boost your retail profits.


Gain access to our signature and exclusive range of metaphysical products, setting your store apart in the market. Our elevated offerings are crafted with distinctively sleek design and intention -  resonating with a very broad customer base.

Loyal following & marketing support

Collaborate with us on marketing initiatives tailored to elevate your store's visibility. As a selected partner, you'll benefit from our promotional efforts and existing loyal following, driving potential customers to your business.


At House of Intuition, inclusivity and community building are not just buzzwords – they are the foundation of our brand. Partnering with us means joining a movement that goes beyond products; it's about creating a community .


This exciting opportunity opens our doors to retailers across the US to embark on a lucrative wholesale journey of prosperity & community building together.  

What sets House of Intuition apart is not only our wide array of life transforming ritual tools - including bestselling magic intention candles, incense and oils - but also our commitment to educating and empowering the community.  

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Wholesale terms

1. Minimum 1st Order - $1,500  

2. Minimum Quantities - Multiples of 6 for Candles/ Multiples of 4 for Non Candles 

3. Payment Terms - 50% Upon Order Remainder before shipment

ACH/Wire Transfer Payment Preferred - fees waived 

Credit card payments 2.5% fees added 

PayPal payments 3.5% fees added 

4. Freight On Board (FOB): Origin 

5. Palletized shipments are responsibility of the buyer to source the logistics of shipment


Our Exclusive House of Intuition Branded Ritual Tool Product Range is supported by our library of metaphysical educational content on HOI.TV .

In addition to our many metaphysical services, we boast an array of magical items such as hand-picked crystals, all-natural herbs packaged in-house, and dressed magic candles. We wish to provide your community with the tools needed to heal the past and manifest the brightest future.