Crystal Magic: Amazonite

Amazonite Crystal Magic
Amazonite, also known as the Amazon stone, is a greenish-turkoise mineral that takes its name from the Amazon River.


Ruled by Water, Amazonite resonates best with the emotional body. It can effectively deal with problems affecting the emotions, specifically loneliness. Agitated and overwhelming emotions can be calmed and soothed by carrying or wearing Amazonite. Those prone to depression or anxiety can find some relief with this stone. 


Amazonite resonates with both the heart and throat chakras. The stone creates a river of light bridging these two chakras, allowing honest communication from the heart. Overactive heart chakras usually cause martyr complexes, too much giving and not enough self-care. Amazonite can help a bleeding heart who’s been bled dry regain some balance. An under-active heart chakra may mean selfishness and loneliness, since no love is being openly given and no compassion is being extended to others. Again, Amazonite can open up that closed heart. Likewise, a blocked throat chakra can be opened, untying a tied tongue. If your words have been failing you recently, or if you’ve had trouble being genuine, honest and sincerely speaking from the heart, then try wearing Amazonite as a necklace. Make sure to hang it between the heart and throat for maximum effect. 


The magical properties of Amazonite primarily focus on healing emotions and communicating truth. Recognized as a stone of truth and honesty, Amazonite can be used to discover yourself and who you really are. Aiding in divination, Amazonite is helpful for ascertaining the higher spiritual truth of any situation. Amazonite can assist in aligning your lifestyle with your ideals, bringing you closer to your truer self. If you’re wanting to honestly assess yourself without getting emotional, Amazonite is the stone for you. 


Amazonite can attract new customers and shield you against shady business practices. Use Amazonite as a stone for good luck by placing it in your place of business. For a lucky charm, place three small pieces of Amazonite in a pouch with basil and mint leaves and carry with you.


Amazonite has also been known to absorb microwaves and cellphone radiation so they’re well-placed near computers and phones and other electronic devices that emit harmful energies. 


For spiritual healing, try placing Amazonite on the center of the sternum to energize the heart chakra or in the dip of the clavicle to charge the throat. Or place the stone exactly between these two points to create a connection allowing you to speak from the heart. This stone can also be used to calm someone panicking or having an anxiety attack. 


Due to its distinctive green hue, Amazonite has been used in jewelry and talismans for many years. Wear Amazonite as a necklace, ring, or as a charm on your bracelet to feel its amazing power to calm anxiety and reveal the truth. 

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