Crystals to Combat Mercury Retrograde

Recommendations by HOI Teacher: Breana Fernandez

Mercury Retrograde in the middle of Eclipse season has been one wild ride.  Mercury is most comfortable in its home planet of Gemini so it is important that we pause and review how to communicate not only with the outside world, but with our higher selves.

In order to achieve smooth sailing through this transit, here are some crystal recommendations to get you through these tidal waves of emotions and back on land safe and sound.

Now, you might be wondering, “What do all 3 of these crystals have in common?”  Being that Mercury is the planet of communication and technology, when Mercury is doing all kinds of backflips, electromagnetic radiation is at an all time high and all of these crystals will supply you with a shield of protection. When put in front of an EMF detector, these crystals below will lower the exposure quite significantly.

First, everyone should have an AMAZONITE close by. Being that it is activating for your Heart & Throat Chakras, Amazonite will motivate you to be more impeccable with your word. To put it short and sweet, “mean what you say and say what you mean.” Amazonite encourages you to stay true to yourself and one way to honor that is by being more expressive. Have a thought? Run it by a friend or family member. Interested in chanting or saying words of affirmation? Hold an Amazonite to amplify your voice! In addition, this amazing stone will help keep your emotions in check and will assist you in separating universal thoughts from your own which is super helpful during this time. When it comes to facing obstacles that life may throw at you, give Amazonite permission to take the wheel and allow yourself to go with the flow. This stone has the ability to shift your perspective, helping you find a silver lining in even the most difficult situations.

Next up, we have our friend TOURMALATED QUARTZ which is stimulating for your Root and Crown Chakras. For those of you who feel like you’re floating out in space, holding a Tourmalated Quartz will bring you back down to Earth and offer you some grounding. With this crystal you get two for the price of one! Black Tourmaline is commonly known for its protective energies and Clear Quartz is known to amplify the vibrations of any and all minerals near. It makes this the ultimate dynamic duo to combat the weirdness that surrounds Mercury Retrograde. You will also be able to glide through this transit with more clarity and stability which will help you decide which way you want to travel on this journey.

Moving forward, it is recommended that you carry a CITRINE with you throughout Mercury Retrograde. Citrine is known for its magical manifesting powers, but also for its cleansing properties. This crystal is one of a selected few that is “self cleansing.” Meaning it does not retain any negative or stagnant energies. Most will associate Citrine with the Solar Plexus Chakra, however this little crystal baby will remove any blockages hidden within all chakras and restore you with balance. Pick up a Citrine when you are going through a moment of turmoil to remind yourself that everything is working out in your favor!

So go forth into the sea of the unknown that surrounds Mercury Retrograde and always remember that the Universe is guiding you towards the path of alignment.



In this class Bre will be discussing how crystals work and why they are important to everyday life. We will also be touching on how to cleanse, charge, and activate/program your crystal buddies to release those stagnant energies and make room for more good vibes! All levels are welcome and we look forward to sharing space with you all.

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