Dear Sagittarius - An Insight Into Yourself

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21) 

Dear Sagittarius,

The true life of the party, the source of optimism that just won’t quit. No matter how bad things can get, you always emerge out of it with a smile. What keeps you in good spirits in the darkest of our moments? How can you serve as a lighthouse for those who are lost? Your nonchalance in the face of fear is what draws people to your courage. They want to know what philosophy you’ve built to become so strong against adversity. How can you express the enigma of your mind to teach others to keep their spirits up? 

This Sagittarius season is going to launch you into a new part of your destiny, teaching you how to relate better to those you love while maintaining the core of your truth. With the South Node is revealing forgotten parts of yourself to integrate, the  Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon 12/14 is going to completely and utter change your life. Time to play protagonist, hero. Stand up for those you care for and make a difference through your joy. 

Take a chance this season, shoot your shot at something you think is too far out of reach. You'll be surprised how close the target actually was the whole time. Godspeed and glory, Sagittarius.

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