Welcome - Your Intuition Lead You Here

Welcome to the brand new House of Intuition magic blog where we focus on all things spiritual. This blog offers original content on how to live the magical lifestyle, featuring everything from meditation to spell casting and holding ceremony.

I'll be your humble blogger, curating content as well as giving tips on a variety of magical subjects. I'm a shaman, teacher and an experienced meditator and I'll do my best to share what I've learned on the spiritual path. To learn more about me, check out my bio here.

House of Intuition is a metaphysical shop dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, and personal growth. We offer readings, healings, and classes with the goal of enlightening, empowering and elevating our community. We now offer a selection of our most popular products through our online store. If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can visit our two locations in Echo Park and Highland Park, as well as the Echo Foot Lounge & Herbal Garden, and browse our collection of crystals, candles, incenses and over 200 herbs grown organically. 
Bookmark us to stay up to date on our latest classes, and learn all about our newest products and services. Have questions about practicing magic? We invite you to submit your questions to us here. Our knowledgable staff of healers, mystics and teachers is always available as a resource to you on your spiritual journey.
We look forward to teaching and learning with you. Wherever your spiritual journey takes you, you'll always have a home here at House of Intuition. 

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