Get To Know The Concept of Ascended Masters

One concept that seems to pervade most spiritual traditions and religions is that of the ascended masters. If you’ve been around the metaphysical community for a little while, you’ve probably heard people talking about the ascended masters and avatars. This can be a confusing concept to people who are new to the spiritual language and meditation. I wanted to introduce you to this concept so you could see the potential benefit of working with these energies. There is no limit on how many ascended masters there are since they exist not in the physical but in another dimension. They also had an incarnation on the planet at some point. Essentially these humans went through a series of initiations on the earth plane and are now 6th dimensional beings which experience at oneness with everything. The 5th dimension is the area of shamans and the next initiation brings them to union with the I AM presence. The teachings on the ascended masters refers to them as ‘Mahatmas’ meaning masters of the ancient wisdom. They come from different time periods and religious traditions.

There are, according to the teachings of the Ascended Masters which comes from the Theosophy society, 12 dimensions total. The spiritualists such as Alice Bailey, Manly P. Hall and Helena Blavatsky from the 1870’s used the concept of Ascended Masters. The term was coined in 1924 by a man named Baird T. Spalding who wrote of the teachings of the masters of the far east. Since then, many more books have delved into this topic. The teachings usually help people to master actions that develop the consciousness of connectedness using words and the teachings of eastern mystics. People that study the Ascended Masters learn to identify with the I am presence within instead of an understanding of something that exists outside of you.

Essentially, an Ascended Master has followed the divine plan they needed to fulfill in a lifetime and become a source of divine love. They have mastered the physical plane and through Ascension have united with source. Many people are able to connect to these energies in meditation and that is actually how many of the books about them have been written. This way of writing is called channelling. If you practice meditation, there’s no guarantee you will connect with them but the more you practice, the higher the likelihood is. Sometimes our ego wants to tell us that our spirit guide is some enlightened being so we feel special but it’s possible that those masters will work with you anonymously so the lessons can come through without building ego. While in meditation my higher self sometimes shows up looking like Jesus, I don’t attach to what it looks like as I know the personification is just something that will keep my attention at that time. We all have a higher self which is the link to our soul and the other dimensions of non-physical spiritual guides.

Ok wait hold up, we can get caught up in names and dimensions and lose sight of how it can apply to our life right now. Well get excited because these teachings have been a part of mystery schools and spiritual traditions that have literally changed the course of people’s lives. It has given new meaning to existence to understand this bigger picture and the initiations or challenges we undergo and must pass in order to obtain higher states of awareness and eventually break the cycle of life and death...woah that’s kind of a big deal right? This means we could reorganize our goals to be in alignment with ‘pure love’ and thus accept life’s challenges as learning lessons that we must uphold this divine loving presence.

Still confused? Maybe we are having a difficult time dealing with a roommate who is maybe messy and lazy, hey we’ve all been there right? Well what if we showed them pure love, cleaned the house, helped them build up their confidence, get a clean haircut and a spiffy job? Then we pass that test and we don’t have to repeat it. They say until we learn the lesson of the challenge and are able to embrace it for the blessing, it will repeat in waking life and in our dreams. So my question to you is what are the initiations you are in? What is being taught to you about being pure love and a source of divine love in those moments? How does your life align with breaking the karmic cycle of life and death? Are you helping the world and working on yourself?

Let’s be honest, most of us really do want to have an impact and have no friggin clue how. That’s what a metaphysical center is for. It’s a place to go to get training, advice and even guidance from ascended masters who sometimes come through in a reading. Beyond that, you can learn to connect with these energies from people who intentionally do this on a daily basis. We have been hearing a lot on social media how millennials want to have an impact but lack the patience to do so. Let’s use the spiritual masters and shamans on this earth to help us break the patterns that are hurting us so we can step into alignment with our destiny. Whether that means being kinder to the people we live and work with or finding a transitional job that we feel purposeful in while we get more training, we are all waking up now to hear the calling to our life purpose. The tools of astrology can be helpful in this pursuit as well. But don’t sit at home in your room trying to figure it out alone, consider a natal chart reading, attend group meditations which are stronger than meditating alone, talk to trusted spiritual advisors and allow them to help you find your path.

House of Intuition is a group of down to earth spiritual teachers, seekers, priests, magicians, healers and shamans who can take away lots of the cobwebs you may feel about how to connect to your soul and work through life’s challenges peacefully. We are here for you!

Finally, we want to mention some of the ascended masters you will hear about so you are familiar with them too. They can have been men or women on earth. There is a very long list and depending on the culture, they will focus on different ones familiar to their history. In the West we often hear of Jesus Christ, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Buddha, Gabriel, Hathor, Quan Kin, Kali, Metatron, Elijah, Yogananda, Milarepa, John The Baptist, Elohim, Anubis, Apollo, Babaji. For a more extensive list, you can visit this site. Also we carry a great book by Doreen Virtue in our stores called Archangels and Ascended Masters which will help you get to know them.

With Love, HOI.

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