House of Intuition was born on March 29, 2010, in the City of Los Angeles. HOI has been serving the community and the world as a whole now for 12 transformative years. We remain a home and inclusive oasis for those who seek to utilize their power through powerful ritual, intention, and an incredible community of support and magic.

Through the darkness of the past few years and recent events, 2022 offers a potential for growth and freedom from the shackles of the past. 
We have the Queen of Cups as our first card, representing the House of Intuition.  Often seen as one of the most emotional and intuitive cards in the deck, she reminds us to do the necessary introspection and to listen to our intuition and feelings in order to navigate the energies of this time.  Hone in on your intuition and it will provide you with the ability to move forward for your highest good. 
Our next card, the card to represent the world is the Five of Cups reversed which is quite fitting for the community.  We as a community have been through quite some intensive upheavals, sorrow, and loss which is indicated with this Five of Cups.  But rest assured, this card is reversed and so the meaning becomes one of hope.  Indicated in traditional pictures as a man crying over three spilled and two unspilled cups, this reversed card points to us moving forward emotionally and no longer “crying over spilled milk.” This points to us healing and growth, a slow and steady return to a sense of normalcy if we follow our intuition. 
The last card, the “how” card, is the Devil reversed.  Of course many will fear this card, but again this is a reversed card which provides a slightly different interpretation than the upright Devil card.  When reversed, the card indicates a freeing of the self from the ego and the past, a cleansing of sorts.  We no longer need to be bound by the devils in our lives, and to pursue the happiness of the Five of Cups reversed, we must let go of the old and reach for the new.  
In addition to the tarot pull, we also had our I-Ching read for our year’s energy.  I-Ching is an ancient style of reading found in China which involves creating a six lined image called a hexagram and interpreting the oracular poem from the I-Ching. 
This year, the hexagram is number 13, which is called “Community” or “Fellowship.”  This is a beautifully auspicious hexagram which aligns with what the House of Intuition always strives for, which is a place of community and to help those around us, whether it is to provide guidance or a kind ear.  It also points to us as a community to look for support when it comes to taking on what we are fearful of so if you are someone just beginning their spiritual journey or a veteran to the craft, always feel safe asking for help and guidance as we seek to serve this magical community.  This is a wonderful connection to the tarot reading as it too points forwards a sense of helping one another to free ourselves from the old to go into the new.  
Looking at the cards and the hexagram, this points to us cleansing ourselves frequently to ensure our mind, body, and spirit are in alignment with our highest good, especially if we are striving to break bad habits. 
Cultivate your intuition, foster community, and when you need guidance, feel free to walk into our open doors.  

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