How to Open the Third Eye

How to Open the Third Eye


The body contains several energy centers. Most people are familiar with the so-called Third Eye, also known as the Brow Chakra. Here’s a simple meditation for opening the Third Eye which allows youth receive information with the mind through non-rational means.


Sit upright in a meditative posture. Take a few deep breaths before resuming normal breathing. Focus all of your attention on the breath in the nose as your internal dialogue slows. 


Move all of your attention to the Third Eye. The Third Eye is located at the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows. You may gently touch this spot of your forehead to bring awareness there. This spot is where the pineal gland sits in your brain. The pineal gland is responsible for releasing a chemical called DMT that allows us to visualize, imagine and dream. Whenever we are visualizing something with our mind’s eye, our pineal gland is secreting tiny amounts of DMT. The pineal gland is the physical shadow of the Third Eye. 


The pineal gland is named after the Latin word for pinecone, because this gland resembles the shape of a pinecone. Interestingly, the pinecone is a common symbol of enlightenment and higher mystical insight across cultures. You may notice that many statues of the Buddha depict him with a pinecone hat. In fact, many Indian and Buddhist figures are depicted with the pinecone crown. Even the Vatican has a large, mysterious sculpture of a pinecone, suggesting that even the Roman Catholic tradition has vestiges of this knowledge. 


The pineal gland allows us to visualize and “see” with our minds. By drawing attention and energy to this area, we can increase our ability to see that which cannot be seen with the eyes alone.  


With all your attention on the Third Eye, breathe in slowly and deeply, visualizing purple energy entering your pineal gland and charging your Third Eye brighter and brighter.  


With the index fingers of both hands, gently tap on the Third Eye. Visualize a cord of light extending from your Third Eye to the back of your skull. Tap along this imaginary line nine times, all the way visualizing the light connecting your Third Eye with the visual cortex. 

Rest your hands in your lap. Close your eyes. Keep all your attention locked at the Third Eye. With the eyes closed, slightly lift your gaze so that you are looking up at your Third Eye. Breathe normally as you keep all attention fixed on the Third Eye while gazing upward. After a few moments, you will notice a faint light in your upper field of vision. This light is the light of the Third Eye Center. You may see strange visual distortions that may distract you. That’s normal, just try to maintain focus on the light. 


As you focus, be sure to keep your body and face totally relaxed. Your brow might scrunch, your face might tighten, so make sure to relax the tension in your face to avoid getting a headache. 


After just a few minutes, you should start to feel your Third Eye opening. There may be a cool, pleasant sensation across the top of your head, or even tingling throughout your face and scalp. 


When feeling lost or confused or when searching for answers, try clearing your mind and performing this meditation to see what insights or guidance you can receive from your higher powers. 

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