How To Prevent Burnout On This New Moon

Let's take a minute to look at the characteristics of Virgo. They are a healer/helper. They easily get addicted to helping and have trouble setting boundaries between other's needs and their own. They are a fix-it type and meticulous. They can carry a good amount of nervous energy because of this urge to help and systematize. Now, it's important to not that the sun and moon will both be in Virgo on this new moon amplifying the Virgo archetype in the collective consciousness. Some people may be really wrapped up in helping someone who has addiction and find themselves addicted to that relationship. The potential drawback here is that if the person didn't ask for help or doesn't take to it, it can build frustration and resentment. The first point I want to make is do not put other's needs in front of your health. You have to stop and take care of eating, exercising and yes adequate amounts of sleep.

Virgo, the taskmaster is also very good at working and keeping busy which means we have a potential to burn the midnight oil here with a double grounded earth sign keeping us in the physical world and out of the dream states of the air and water signs. We may be overly ambitious to our own detriment. Mars, the planet which controls our passions is also in Virgo which means we could easily take our passions a little too seriously. Don't let your ideas run away with you without taking measured steps and enjoying the process. Take breaks to relax and find a sense of humor to get through this new moon. The new moon occurs on September 20th and we have a special ritual you can do to set your intentions and open up the spicy love energy of October! 

The new moon in Virgo also can have a little bit of the control freak energy but that won't help you right now. The eclipse set our new goals in motion and we can expect to need to make some adjustments now. Don't hold too firmly to your plan or you'll waste energy! Go with the flow and if you need to loosen up your inner accountant, dance it out with some good music! Every new moon begins a new cycle so expect some changes to occur now. You may feel pressure to make major changes but don't be impulsive and think things through. The pressure you're feeling may be messing with how imperative that change is and you may just be feeling restless. If you're feeling a little more cynical, less confident or depressive, just know this is a temporary feeling and you can watch a good movie, make a good meal and let it pass. 

If you would like to work with the energy of the moon more, we have a special monthly moon box that we ship to you which has a ritual specific to that month's new and full moon. Each month the new and full moon's fall in a different sign. It will allow you to first of all, know when they are and then learn the energy available to you with the various signs. The new moon, being a time to set your intentions is an exciting time because it means that if we hone in on what we truly want, it could come in as soon as two and a half weeks at the time of the full moon when things generally move forward! Understanding these cycles is very practical too because it will help you manage your expectations and start times with less energy loss. 

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