Kitchen Witchery with Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular herbs out there and comes in a wide variety of shapes depending on the species and cultivator.  Magically we usually loop Lavender as one large encompassing family so if you cannot find Common Lavender for a magical working, you can always substitute it for French Lavender.  

When it comes to magical workings, if you do not have the physical flower, you can always substitute it for the leaves and if that’s not possible, then incense, oil, or anything scented with Lavender is alright.  In magical workings, I always like to use the phrase “Witching on a Dime” so substitute as you need.

Lavender is a great herb when trying to bring love energy to any working and make a fine addition to any love blend.  You can add a pinch of it to any herbal blend meant to draw in new lovers or add it to a love bath to help ensure your own allure.  It’s easiest to use in its physical floral form, but if you have the essential oil you can always use that instead. We just recommend when using any essential oil, you dilute it with a carrier oil like almond, jojoba, or fractionated coconut oil, so that it isn’t too harsh on your system and skin.  

A quick spell for fidelity and faithfulness in a relationship that one can do with Lavender requires a few readily available ingredients such as:

  • Lavender flowers (dried)
  • Rosemary leaves (dried)
  • Rose petals or flowers (dried)
  • A small bag made of fabric

Add a small pinch of the above herbs into the bag.  If it is a drawstring bag, close the top. If you by chance do not have a bag like this, do the following.  Take a small square of fabric (any color is fine, though red, blue, or white is preferred for this) and place it in your open palm.  With your free hand, add a small pinch of the above herbs into the square of fabric. Once down, bring the four corners of the square together, wrapping the herbs in the center to create something the looks like a small dumpling, and tie it off with a string.  

Place this baggie under your bed, carefully in your mattress or between your mattress and box-spring, to promote commitment and faith in your partner.

Of course, if you do not have all the physical herbs above you can do substitutions.  For example, if you have only the rose petals and rosemary leaves but no lavender flowers but you have lavender essential oil, you can add a few drops of that into your herbal components as well.  If you have the above herbs fresh from your garden, you can easily dry them out to use as well. The important thing about this specific work is not to let your partner see or touch this bag so pay close attention if they help you put on the bed sheets.

Hopefully this will encourage you to incorporate Lavender into your magical repertoire rather than having it just as an ornamental flower.  And if you wanted use Lavender in other forms from the House of Intuition, check out our Lavender Incense, Lavender Essential Oil, or Lavender Essential Oil Spray.

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