Magic for the New Moon in Libra

Magic for New Moon in Libra


On Monday, October 12th, the New Moon falls in the sign of Libra. Libra represents balance, justice and equality, so our thoughts will turn to questions of stability and fairness now. The New Moon is an ideal time to cast spells, especially for setting new intentions, new goals and new expectations.  


Libra is the sign of the Scales, representing justice and fairness. It’s time to ask yourself where you could use more balance in your life. The first place to look at is your work-life balance. Do you spend too much time at work? Do you bring your work home with you and dilute your personal space with professional worries? Or do you spend too much time at home while neglecting your work and responsibilities? Are you underemployed and dragging your heels about proactively searching for more work? 


Other areas to consider involve your love and personal lives. Are you balancing time with your significant other with your social time with friends? Are you nurturing the relationships with your family members or are you spending too much time with friends or lovers? Or perhaps you are too attached to your family and have a hard time making new connections or meeting new people? All of these would be examples of imbalance that could need correcting. 


Balance could also be applied to your personal habits and lifestyle. Are you eating healthy, nutritious food that makes you feel good, or are you just scarfing down junk food? Or are you too militaristic about proper diet that you’ve sucked all the pleasure out of food? Neither extreme is healthy. The same can be considered of exercise and how active you are. Some of us are couch potatoes, preferring the endless scroll of Netflix rather than taking a stroll out in the fresh air. Or maybe you are constantly exercising in an obsessive way and are never giving your body time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.  


Consider what areas of your life could use more balance and then perform a fire ceremony to manifest it. 


New Moon in Libra HOI Magic Candle

To perform a ceremony, procure a candle of your choice. You can use the New Moon in Libra candle especially crafted by House of Intuition for just this purpose. You can also use one of our Libra Zodiac candles, or even our Justice Major Arcana candles which would both be appropriate for this occasion. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple white candle (the bigger the better!). And if you are specifically dealing with legal and court cases right now and you need help in settling the conflict peacefully, then a brown candle will be ideal. 


To begin your spell, establish a sacred space. A magic circle is traditionally cast by burning an offering to each of the four directions or performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. You can burn sage, palo santo, tobacco or an incense of your choice. Once your circle is cast, you may want to pray, chant or meditate to get into the right headspace where your mind is clear of any extraneous thoughts. 


Light the candle. 


On a single sheet of paper, write down your intentions as if they are already facts. For example, if you want to achieve a better work-life balance, don’t write, “I want a better work-life balance.” Instead, write, “I have the perfect work-life balance.” Or if you are trying to attract more love, don’t write, “I want more love.” Instead, write, “I have a loving new relationship with a partner who is supportive, appreciative and affectionate.” Whatever your intention is for the New Moon, write it down as if it’s a fact in the present tense, rather than writing as a wish or a desire. We want to projecting a sense of having and not a sense of wanting. 


Once you’ve written out your intentions, fold the sheet of paper and hold it between your palms over your heart center. Close your eyes and visualize what it’s like to experience the outcome you desire. Really visualize how great it feels to have a sense of balance in your personal, professional and romantic life. Visualize what it looks like, but also how it feels. Indulge in the feeling of success, satisfaction or triumph that you desire to achieve. Take some time to dwell in the emotion that you wish to feel and pretend for a moment that your goal is already accomplished. Give yourself that feeling and soak it in. 


Then, when you feel ready, cast the spell by burning the paper in the candle’s flame. You can use a simple foil tray, or a ceramic bowl to contain the flames. Observe the burning paper carefully. Often, an answer, sign, or insight comes to us through the dancing flames. As the paper burns, wave your hands to invite the smoke into your belly, your chest and your forehead.  


When the paper is completely finished burning, you can complete the ceremony by closing the magic circle you created. You can do so by releasing the four directions, or performing the Lesser Banishing ritual again. 


Afterward, the candle burn out on its own, however many days it takes. If you have to put out the candle for safety reasons, then snuff it out with a candle snuffer; don’t blow it out. If you snuff it out at the end of the night or when you leave the house, just make sure to relight it whenever you return. Continue turning the candle off and on in this manner until it is completely burned. 


If you used one of our custom-made candles, they will likely have some small stones inside that you will be able to retrieve when the candle is done burning. This stone will now be a power object infused with your intention. Wear it, carry it or place it on your altar as a totem for your spell. 


When the candle is fully finished burning, you may ritually dispose of the burned remains of the paper. If your spell is something that you want to keep working for you indefinitely, then bury the ash in the ground. Otherwise, if you feel the spell has reached completion and you no longer need it to work for you, then you can toss the remnants into a moving body of water.  


Depending on your intention, a New Moon spell may reach completion as soon as the following Full Moon. For bigger spells with ambitious intentions, it may take an entire lunar cycle, or several lunar cycles. Usually, you should receive a sign after three days. If the sign is positive, then rest assured your spell is working. If not, then you may need to re-cast the spell to give it more power, or you may need to reconsider your goal. You should see movement on your goal after three weeks. Again, if you don’t, then you may need to rethink your strategy. Finally, you should see completion after three months. If you don’t, then you’ll need to cast the spell again to give it more oomph, or refine what it is you’re asking for. 

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