Money Magic: Luck & Money Bath

Ritual Bathing
Ritual bathing is a major part of many magical traditions, including but not limited to witchcraft. Many religions have some form of ablutions or magical bathing—the Islamic wudu and gusl, the sacred Hindu dip in the Ganges, and the Christian baptism are all examples of traditional religions employing ritual baths. 


As modern practitioners of magic, we can also employ magic to amplify our ceremonial workings. It’s tradition to perform a ritual bath before entering a magic circle to cast spells. Traditionalists will soak in a bath containing the herbal ingredients of their recipe—such as the oils and herbs they are dressing their candles with. If you can’t take baths or don’t have a tub, you can also take a ceremonial shower using a cloth pouch filled with the appropriate herbs. Simply wet the pouch and run it along your body. You can also figuratively conduct a ritual bath in preparation for a ceremony by smudging yourself with sage. Sage smudging is like a bath for your aura, so it can achieve the same energetic affect. But for a truly immersive experience to amplify the intention of your magical ritual, a magical bath is unparalleled. 


Try this simple Luck Bath for Money. All you’ll need is a small jar of honey and three fistfuls of coins. The coins can be of any variety—all shapes and sizes, denominations and currencies are appropriate. Be sure to disinfect the coins with alcohol before performing the bath. 


On the night of the New Moon, draw yourself a bath of warm water. Pour the small jar of honey into the bath. Sprinkle the three fistfuls of coins into the bath as well. Get in the bath and let yourself soak in the honey-water. Rub the honey along your skin. 


Pick up the coin in fistfuls and let them fall through your fingers and splash into the water. You really want to exaggerate the clinking sound the coins make when they touch. The sound of jingling change is said to attract good fortune.  


Honey is used in herbal magic as a sweetener to make life sweet. Honey is also prized for being sticky, making it a great agent for attracting various energies. In this case, since you’re trying to attract financial energy, you’ll want to rub the coins in the honey and stick it to your skin. Doing so allows the financial energy to stick to you like honey and sweeten your life. 


Take your time in the bath. When it feels right, complete the bath by gathering up the honeyed coins and placing them back in the jar. Place the jar on your altar and begin your ceremony. For the actual ceremony, you can try some fire magic with a green candle. Just light the candle, write your intentions down and then—while visualizing yourself achieving great fortune—burn the paper of intentions in the green candle’s flame.  


For the entire following lunar cycle, perform money magic as often as possible. The easiest way is by acquiring three to four large, green seven-day candles that you can burn throughout the month. Each night—or as often as is convenient—pray before the candles, visualizing yourself enjoying good fortune, wealth and prosperity. 


Repeat the ritual bath with the honeyed coins on the half-moon (about a week after the New Moon), and again on the Full Moon (about two weeks after the New Moon). That makes three ritual baths, three weeks in a row, to fully seal the power of the spell.  


After the following New Moon, you should expect to see the results of your month-long money magic ceremony. Since this spell takes a full lunar cycle to cast, its results may also take longer to manifest, but they will be more concrete and more enduring when they do manifest. For other ways to make money quickly, try some of these other spells. But for long-lasting wealth and prosperity, the month-long Luck Bath for Money is unbeatable. 

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