Music for the Inner Life


We’re excited to now offer a collection of guided meditations & spiritual music at our Echo Park, Los Angeles location. Come check out our new listening station and hear sounds from, “Audio Learning and Music for the Inner Life,” a series of CDs with a variety of empowering subjects.


“Mindful Brain” can help you reprogram your brain with Mindfulness while the “Master Key to Self-Healing” will treat your emotional & physical wounds through the power of mind & spirit. Or maybe try the “Power Nap Rejuvenator” to energize, enlighten and empower you during that afternoon slump. “Conscious Aging” can guide you in aging gracefully with strength, dignity and power, while the “Self-Compassion Diet” can heal your self-image and boost your confidence.


These CDs use sound and self-hypnosis techniques to influence the subconscious mind. Reprogram your thought patterns to have healthier, happier and more empowering language in your self-talk. Take the knowledge with you anywhere: pop the CDs in your car or listen to them on your walk or while falling asleep. Fill those spare minutes in your day with some enlightening sounds for your soul. 

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