New Moon in Taurus & Mercury Retrograde


Today, we mark the end of the Aries Moon cycle with the New Moon in Taurus. If Aries is about initiating action and charging forward like the Ram, then Taurus is about stubborn commitment and digging in like the Bull. That means it’s a good time to buckle down and commit to achieving some practical goals. Down-to-earth Taurus is not dreamy-eyed and idealistic, but grounded and practical, so pick some reasonable, pragmatic goals and get to work. 


But it’s not all business with the Taurus Moon. The sign of the Bull is sensual and physical, keen to indulge in all of life’s pleasures. Now’s the time to delight the senses with the sweet scent of May flowers, the warmth of sunshine on the skin, the feel of fresh grass beneath the feet, and the thrill of romance or the passion of lust. Taurus balances her indulgence with dedication at the gym, beach or hiking trails, honoring the body by giving it the exercise it craves. After all, diet and exercise are two of the most practical ways we can make instant progress in our lives, so use the Taurus Moon to get out in the sun and enjoy your body’s aliveness while you can. 


New Moons are the beginning of a new lunar cycle, making it a time for fresh starts, initiating new projects and setting new goals. Magic performed at this time is geared toward calling new desires into your life like more love, more money, or more health. With the Moon in sentimental Taurus, magic concerned with love or lust is especially powerful. And remember, Taurus is practical and grounded too, so spells centered on real estate are effective now also. If you’re trying to buy or sell a house, or even just change apartments, a simple fire ceremony with a brown candle can help close the deal. The Taurus Moon can also help with plain old money matters, but within practical limits. Need some extra cash to pay off debts or bills? Taurus has got you covered. But if you’re lighting green candles to get rich and famous, the Taurus Moon may be of little help. 


Whatever spells you do cast for this New Moon, be forewarned that results may take longer than usual this month. That’s mainly because today also marks the first day of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. From May 18th until June 11th, Mercury will appear to move backwards in our sky due to an optical illusion caused by its orbit in comparison to the Earth’s. That means you should expect delays and setbacks. 


When a planet is retrograde, its usual influence is inverted, subverted or turned inward. Mercury usually governs communication, information and technology; so Mercury Retrogrades generally mark periods of communication breakdown, confusion and technical difficulties. During this time, you should avoid traveling if you can, and if you must hit the road, expect flight cancellations, car troubles and misplaced reservations. It’s also not the best time to sign contracts or get married or engaged. Pretty much commitments of all kinds should be avoided during Mercury Retrograde because there’s always some information missing. A perfect new romance may turn out to be a dud after Mercury goes direct, or an amazing business deal may turn out to be a huge mistake.   


So after you cast your spell for the New Moon, don’t hold your breath for results right away. You may have to wait till Mercury goes direct in June to really see forward momentum. In the mean time, keep steadily working on some personal goals for self-improvement and expect change to be gradual. While you wait, stop and smell the roses, reconnect with your body, with nature, and with yourself. Good luck! 

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