The Perfect Gift for Every Zodiac Sign! - 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We asked Chad, our in-house astrologer, teacher, and healer to prepare a personalized list of gift ideas for every zodiac sign in your life. His goal is to help others discover who they truly are by utilizing the ancient knowledge within the stars and planets. To delve more deeply and learn more, explore his astrology classes through Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays, as well as his Live Weekly Astrology Reports every Saturday on our Instagram Live.


The Fiery Warrior (March 21 - April 20)

With your home planet Mars, finishing up it's cycle through Aries, you're stepping into a new sense of your personal power. Chiron, the "wounded healer" is also traveling your sign until the year 2026, bringing you powerful spiritual healing through acceptance of self. What this means is that you'll be having to step up into your power Aries. How can you bring in the success you've been working for?

  • Sword and Shield Anointing Oil - Aries is known as the warrior and the embodiment of fire and courage. Before a warrior enters into the battle of their life they need to grab their sword and shield to protect those they love as well as themselves. Anoint yourself with this oil to bring this energy into your space.
  • Success Magic Candle - Aries through your determination you can accomplish anything you please. Using this candle you can bridge in the level of success you want to bring to your endeavors. How can you bring a sense of victory in all you do?
  • Black Tourmaline Palm Stone - There comes a time where everyone needs to cleanse their emotional bodies to relieve themselves or anger, anxieties, and any form of worries. Black Tourmalines offer psychic and emotional protection against anything negative around you, a perfect tool for Aries to keep marching forward in their power.


Master of Manifestation (April 20 - May 21)

The planet of change, Uranus has been traveling through your sign and will be doing so until 2026. What this means for you Taurus, is that you are flipping the script on how you view the finer things in life. You are more abundant than ever when you choose to think outside of the box.

  • Abundance Magic Candle - Taurus is the sign of the bull and a sign of earth. The consistency and  energy they carry make Taurus a master of manifestation. This candle will bring abundance into Taurus’ sacred space. How can they increase on the abundance they already have?
  • Aventurine Tower Point -  This is a stone of the heart and as well as accepting luck into our lives. Taurus this is excellent for you to trust in the process of all you have to gain. With an added dash of luck you’re more than certain to win.
  • Abundant Wellspring Anointing Oil - To add to your personal wealth and world around you, this anointing oil gives an added boost you need before going to work or before signing important papers you may need. Taurus, this is the perfect oil for you to keep a level mind as you enter into abundance.



The Wordsmith Magician (May 21 - June 21)

The point of destiny in astrology known as the North Node has been traveling through your sign. Have you felt like major decisions are brewing that will change the course of your life forever? As the universe shifts you to your best possible path it's time for you to accept your inner magic.

  • Amethyst Cluster - Gemini, you are an air sign always on the move between different thoughts and ideas. Amethyst will assist you in decluttering your mind so you can tap into your higher streams of thought. Let it purify your intent before you create more magic in your world. 
  • The Magician Major Arcana Candle - The Magician in the tarot represents Mercury, the home planet of Gemini. It’s time to gain a mastery of the magic of your words and enter into new territory based off your intent. What will you visualize into existence?
  • Hestia's Grace Anointing Oil - Using this oil, Gemini you can purify the space around you while also infusing yourself with greater tranquility. By inviting the sense of peace around you it’s easier for you to Intend for exactly what you need in your life. 


The Soulful Nurturer  (June 21 - July 23)

Your feelings change with the phases of the Moon. You are truly connected to one of the most precious parts of the night sky. Your sign has been dealing with oppositions from Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all year but you've been able to preserve and persevere despite any of the odds against you.

  • Blue Lace Agate Teardrop Necklace (I AM TRUTH) - The sign of water, Cancer, you are always using your emotions as a means of strength to accomplish everything you need. Blue Lace Agate is encoring even more growth and development towards your emotional intelligence. This is a stone that wants you to start sharing your authentic self in a brand new and improved way.
  • Labradorite Pendulum - Cancer, if you want to answer the simple questions the truth is always within you. Using this labradorite pendulum will give you the answers and synchronicities you need to confirm your intuitions. This stone is also very protective, offering you a safe space as you answer the questions you ask your guides.
  • House Blessing Magic Candle - The key to a happy life for Cancers is a happy home. By using this House Blessing, you get to get rid of old and unwanted energies and bring in strictly the ones you wish to create. This is the ultimate housewarming gift, revitalize your sacred space, Cancers.



The Passionate Performer (July 23 - August 23)

You travel through life with the heat of the sun, never forgets to shine daily. This year has been rough for you Leo as you had to learn to dive deep within and make adjustments before you're back in the limelight. Your time is coming sooner than you think.

  • The Fool Major Arcana Candle - Leo, you are the star of the show and a sign of pure fire. Isn’t it time you begun a new journey towards your heart desires? This candle represents the letting go of what no longer serves and inviting in the next ultimate journey of your life. Dare to take the leap?
  • HOI Clear Quartz Crystal Roller - Always known for taking the show with dazzling looks, Leo this is a beauty tool you need to keep on hand. Clear Quartz is amongst the best for healing and purifying. Allow yourself to glow by utilizing this roller in your beauty routine.
  • Carnelian Medallion - As a Leo, you need a crystal that has the same type of fire that you do. Carnelian is a stone of creativity that ignites the creative process forward. It allows your to trust your higher self and the strength of your heart whenever the going gets tough.


The Angel of Earth (August 23 - September 23)

With patience and grace all things are possible. In order to achieve this type of harmony however someone needs to look at the fine print of the planning to get it to work smoothly. Your ability to analyze makes you a powerful asset in every room you walk into. Your skill only grow when you allow yourself some relaxation.

  • Opalite Crystal Body Polish - Virgo, as the earth sign who helps keeps the rest of the Zodiac from falling apart. It’s time for you to allow yourself some true rest and relaxation. This body polish is meant to exfoliate negative energies away that are unwanted in your personal space. This revitalizing will get you better connected into your body, therefore your work will improve when you take the space to rejuvenate 
  • Ocean Jasper Palm Stone - This stone remind us of the beauty of the world around us. It is a stone that helps ground us into the here and now. Virgo, this stone is perfect in teaching you how to embrace the present moment. This is a stone that’s willing to promote the changes that you want to make in yourself and the things around you.
  • Road Opener Magic Candle - Break through your own limitations with this candle Virgo. After getting your relaxation in order it’s time to burst into the scene and utilize all your skills as many new doors begin to open for you. This is in love, business, and all of the above. Make what you want happen using the strength of this candle.



The Aesthetic Mastermind (September 23 - October 23)

There have been a handful of rough aspects the planets have been making to you Libra. Mars in Aries has been opposing your sign while Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn has been forcing you into a position where you have no choice but to take control of your life. Remember, that you power comes from your way with words, speak your truth into existence.

  • Smoky Quartz Crystal Heart - Libra, you are the air sign that's full of charm and wonder. Sometimes you need to anchor yourself back to the ground when your high spirited energy gets overactive. This Smoky Quartz will help you ward off negative energy and transmute it into grounding you back into a positive mindset.
  • The Empress Major Arcana Candle - In the tarot, the Empress represents the Divine Feminine Principle at its finest. This archetype reminds us that we are always abundant and able to relish in all the pleasures the world can offer. This candle will over you a nourishing space where you can let love embrace you.
  • Rose Merlot Sea Salt Bath Bag with Flowers & Herbs (limited edition) - Libra, there always comes a time to wind down and take a breather. This herbal bath will help calm your anxieties, revitalize your energy, and let you release whatever stress you've been holding on to. 



The Phoenix of Rebirth (October 23 - November 22)

With Mercury Retrograde that has just finished going through you sign, you are in a new position of wealth and authority. This purging of your old feelings and emotions has allowed you to become healthier and happier in the process. Now you see what good comes from accepting rebirth, it's time to fully embrace that truth you've been holding.

  • Rebirth Magic Candle - Scorpio, you have a powerful heart that is as potent as the flow of a river. The sign of rebirth, it's time to release old patterns and balance your heart and mind. This candle will bring you through the steps it takes to reawaken your sacred power that you hold inside. 
  • Malachite Adjustable Brass Ring - A powerful heart healer, this stone is associated with the beauty of the earth itself. This stone brings us out of our comfort zone and allows us to take the risks necessary towards personal growth. For you, Scorpio this can be a powerful tool towards coming greater strength.
  • Drops of Lethe Anointing Oil - To get rid of the ties of the past that are hindering your personal growth. Use this, Scorpio, when you need to let go of unwanted energies that prevent you from accepting your magical future you're able to create. This oil promotes the rebirth of your heart and how you can become better every step of the way.



Trailblazers of the Future (November 23 - December 22)

The other end of the point of destiny, the South Node, has been traveling through your sign. What this shows is that you've been integrating aspects of your past incarnations and getting a hold on what the past has lead you to discover. This time frame is about integrating old lessons before you push forward with more luck and divine grace than ever.

  • The Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana Candle - Sagittarius, you are the sign best known for your luck and good fortune. This candle is you spinning the wheel of fortune to find out what amazing opportunity is going to appear in front of you. Let you optimism guide you into a new cycle based around your personal abundance. 
  • Creativity Crystal Grid - It's time to stimulate your creative consciousness once again. This crystal grid is handmade to stimulate and empower the channel of your own creativity. By using different crystals with this grid you will be able to find new creative solutions to any of the blockages in your life.
  • Selenite Wands - An excellent stone for you to work with Sagittarius. This stone brings truth, honesty, and a soothing energy in the space around you. Use this to cleanse energy blocks from your other stones and crystals; even yourself!



The Architects of Vision (December 22 - January 20)

With the juggernaut planets of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn that have all made its way through your sign all of 2020, you have felt the pressure of this year more than any other sign. This energy has meant to hone your vision and teach you that you can create the blueprint of anything you want to manifest. You're in control now, accept the lessons this year has taught you.

  • Black Obsidian Tower - Capricorn, you are a sign that demands respect with the grounding presence you bring to everyone around you. A black obsidian is a stone of earth and fire that acts as a shield around your energy. This stone makes you dive deep into self while also deflecting any negative energies pointed towards you in any way.
  • Pathway Keys Anointing Oil - Always on the road to success, this oil is meant to stimulate your sense and open roads towards your highest good. Once the path is open you can work your magic and accomplish whatever you set our to achieve. Use it when approaching a desired goal and watch what you are able to create.
  • Healing Magic Candle - Capricorn as one of the most hardest working signs of the Zodiac, use the intentions of this candle to take a break and allow yourself to heal. Just because you know how to work through all the pressures doesn't mean you don't deserve some time to relax. Heal wounds of all kinds on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.



In this World, Not of It (January 20 - February 19)

As you prepare for Jupiter and Saturn to enter your sign how can you embrace your inner royalty? You're the sign that's the most "out of this world", how can you bridge those vibes down into your daily life? You already know the answer to that, it's just about time to let those needed actions happen.

  • Higher Self Crystal Grid - Aquarius, at your best you are one of the most intelligent and enlightened signs of the zodiac, representing the air of the cosmos. This crystal grid will help tap you in to what specific direction you must take to embrace the higher facets of yourself. Unlock your intuition like never before utilizing this grid. 
  • Clear Quartz Tower Point - One of the most beloved stones in crystal collections everywhere is the amazing clear quartz. This stone absorbs, stores, and regulates energy; promoting better communication and spiritual growth. This stone is perfect for Aquarius due to the various uses and all around energy it brings.
  • Self Love Magic Candle Every one from time to time needs a reminder of how awesome they are, and sometimes that's best received when it comes from the self first. Use this candle to help you find value within yourself you've never tapped into. My promoting this level of love you are increasing your connection to those you care about most Aquarius, and that's the best part about it.



The Magical Mystics (February 19 - March 21)

Your home planet, Neptune has been traveling through your sign and will continue to do so until 2025. There is no greater time to accept your dreams for all they are as the universe shows you signs and synchronicities that are helping lead you there. Release any fear behind them not coming true, because it's quite the opposite, they are currently happening as you're reading this.

  • Tiger's Eye Orgonite Wand - Pisces, being the last sign of the zodiac puts you into a powerful position. You are extremely in-tune with energies but sometimes you need to be able to balance those extremes most proficiently. This orgonite is meant to transmute negative life energy into positive and clean up your energy field so you can live your best life without worry.
  • The High Priestess Major Arcana Candle - Its time to follow your dreams and seek who you are within self. This candle is perfect for accessing the deep wisdom that you hold inside. Use this to access hidden realms you travel through Pisces, you may be getting into a brand new layer of your own intuition.
  • Abalone Shell & Mini Sage - The abalone is a shell that allows the ebb and flow of your emotions move with the tide. The sage is meant to bring new energy into the air and when paired with the abalone, it feels like a new wave of calm is washing over. It's time to cleanse yourself and your sacred space, Pisces, there's so much more magic to be made!

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