Protection Magic Spells for Travelers

Protection Spell for Travelers


With Mercury retrograde until the 11th of June, all forms of travel will become more difficult. Expect traffic, delays and cancellations. Technological breakdown applies to planes, trains and automobiles, so transportation is especially challenged now. Astrologers advise against traveling during this time, but for some of us, it’s unavoidable. You may want to use some protection magic to keep you and your fellow adventurers safe while on the road. 


Here’s a simple magic spell you can cast before your next trip. 


Get a picture of yourself and whoever else you may be traveling with. Place the picture(s) on your altar and then surround the images with a thick ring of salt. Add four protective stones such as black tourmaline, obsidian or smoky quartz, and place them at the cardinal directions of the salt ring. 


For three, seven or thirteen consecutive nights, charge this sacred altar with energy by visualizing the outcome you desire, chanting, singing, praying, dancing, etc. Speaking words of power instructing the crystals to keep you safe during your journeys will be especially powerful. If you can, time this ritual with the New Moon. 


On the final night, take one of the four protective stones and place it in a small pouch. Add a sprinkle of some of the salt from the ring to the pouch. 


On a scrap of paper, write a simple inscriptions such as, “Guard me and so-and-so as we journey to such-and-such place.” The inscription may be as elaborate or simple as you like, as long as it conveys the demand for protection. You may invoke any deities you wish, calling upon Mars, Ganesha or Isis in your inscription. Optionally, you may use a coded script for the inscription, but it’s not crucial. 


Add the scrap of paper with the inscription to the pouch. Tie it off with a ribbon or yarn. 


When you leave for your journey, keep the altar set up with your picture, a ring of salt and the remaining three protection stones. Take the pouch with you on your journey, and be sure to keep it on your physical body as often as possible. You may tie it to a belt, backpack, or wear it as a talisman. Or you may simply stuff it in your pocket. While you are away, the altar at home will protect you and keep your home safe. The pouch will protect you and your companions on your adventure. 


When you return, you may ritually dispose of the spell by burying the salt, burning it, or casting it into a moving body of water. The stones should kept in a safe place so they can be used again for your next trip. Using the same power object on many trips will charge it with even more protective power, so it’s wise to use the same protective stones for future travels. 


Bon voyage!

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