Tarot Card Of The Week: Death

Death Tarot Card Reading Meanings
Interesting that this card pops up as we have been experiencing so much mass death and hysteria in the world, but the Death card is really an indicator of radical change happening within YOU right now.
People get really freaked out in a reading when this card comes up and, sorry to say it, but the fact is that Death really does mean death. However, it doesn't necessarily mean it is an ending. If it was the ending it would be the last card of the Major Arcana. As number thirteen, this card falls somewhere in the middle, indicating that this is not the end at all, rather death means more of a cleansing of the past. 
People have been coming into the reading room feeling stuck lately and say “But Harriet, I've done it! I've done the healing work, I've forgiven my father, I've gotten sober, I’ve gone to therapy, I spent 400 dollars to have some witch remove a curse from me and with all these years of inner work, how come I still don't get the outcome I want!?” Well,  my dear, those things, while proactive and great as they may be, are just bandaids for the trauma that clearly still lives in you. That's not how spirit works.
You don't get a present for every positive thing you do for yourself. Spirit doesn't know the difference between success and failure. It's two opposite poles of the same thing. Spirit only knows expansion. And that is why trauma happens in the first place. Our souls are put here to expand in whatever conditions necessary. The truth is that this body will eventually die and your soul gets another go at it. This card shows up and tells us that NOW is the time to make a go at it! Now it is time to clean. To put to death our identification with trauma. It's not about who did what to you, or them, or us, that makes you keep spinning your wheels again and again, it is about planting your feet on the ground and preparing the terrain for a new life
In all cultures, when someone dies their life is given respect. We either cleanse them in flames (ashes to ashes, dust to dust), or we return them to earth and place a stone and a flower on them as a sign of gratitude. We say thank you for serving me during this existence, now you must ascend to another plane because your time has expired on this one. Death is not final, so this card does not say amputate your past, because that is just another bandaid. I personally believe it is impossible to really amputate anything! Even people who have lost a limb feel the energetic phantom still lurking there, until they accept their life without it. 

The skeleton in this image is wearing armor. I actually see this as a representation of the living, not the dead, as aren't we all just skeletons wearing armor? This figure holds a flag with the mystic rose set in black: truth of life blooms from death. During this time of change, what we are called to get in touch with is that true self which normally doesn't project itself in every day life. This can be called your true self or your higher self--your Soul or however you say it. It is You.
The real You intended and willed by the creative spirit of the universe at your origin. The you that animates this unrealized meat sack you call “Me.” This is why we are all the same and we are all one. With the assistance of your ancestors and loved ones you are being called to vibrate the frequency of YOU. 
This card says circumstance is not something you can hide behind anymore. No one but you can change. Your heart is glowing like it is meant to and this becomes infectious, thus setting everyones heart you come in contact with aglow. This is how we create peace in our world. We start within ourselves. Then the gifts pour in effortlessly because like attracts like.
But remember gifts are just that--accoutrements. They are nice and provide temporary pleasure, but the real gift is the transformation that Death evokes. Transforming into your truest state of consciousness is why you are here. Death Arcanum XIII reminds you that you are magic. You just need to clean away the part that made you forget. 
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