The Magic of Essential Oils: Anise

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Essentials oils are used in a variety of ways, both for physical healing, as well as for practicing magic. 


Physically, essential oils are often natural alternatives to over the counter medication. Essentials oils are concentrated dilutions of oil distilled from a plant or herb’s roots, stems or leaves. These concentrated dilutions are very powerful. Essential oils have a highly effective dispersion rate, allowing them to filter throughout the entire body within minutes of contact. Essential oils can be administered in a variety of ways, depending on the oil. Some can be applied topically to the skin, some can be ingested in food or drink, and others are meant only for smelling. Carefully learn about the oil you plan to use to make sure it’s safe before applying it to your skin or consuming it. 


Essential oils offer a variety of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antibiotic remedies for a host of issues. They can also be used for aromatherapy to regulate mood. 


Of course, essential oils also have magical uses. Since they are extracted from nature, essential oils are a concentrated dose of natural power for healing and magical ritual. 

Anise Essential Oil

This week's featured essential oil is Anise, or illicium verum, a stimulating, encouraging herb. With the distinct scent of black licorice, Anise essential oil increases psychic ability and stimulates vision, while also warding off the evil eye.  


For protection or purification, place ten to fifteen drops in a ritual bath. To ward off nightmares, bad dreams and night visitors, sprinkle a few drops on your pillow. Or simply place a few drops in oil burners around the house to purify your home. 


Associated with the metaphysical element Air and ruled by Mercury and Jupiter, Anise can help you contact higher planes of knowledge for divination. Psychic development and psychic protection are big features of this herb. Clairvoyance is strongly associated with use of Anise.  


The Jupiterian influence brings good luck, fertility, weddings, love and happiness. Apollo is also commonly associated with Anise, so Anise may be used in ritual devotions to him. 


In audition to fighting bad dreams, burning Anise before bedtime can stimulate prophetic dreams, revealing information about the future. 


Anise can also be taken in tea, especially to induce psychic states or to aid in divination or prophesying. 

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