The Magic of Essential Oils: Basil

Basil Essential Oil Magical Properties


Essentials oils are used in a variety of ways, both for physical healing, as well as for practicing magic. 


Physically, essential oils are often natural alternatives to over the counter medication. Essentials oils are concentrated dilutions of oil distilled from a plant or herb’s roots, stems or leaves. These concentrated dilutions are very powerful. Essential oils have a highly effective dispersion rate, allowing them to filter throughout the entire body within minutes of contact. Essential oils can be administered in a variety of ways, depending on the oil. Some can be applied topically to the skin, some can be ingested in food or drink, and others are meant only for smelling. Carefully learn about the oil you plan to use to make sure it’s safe before applying it to your skin or consuming it. 


Essential oils offer a variety of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antibiotic remedies for a host of issues. They can also be used for aromatherapy to regulate mood. Of course, essential oils also have magical uses. Since they are extracted from nature, essential oils are a concentrated dose of natural power for healing and magical ritual.

This week’s featured essential oil is Basil, or Ocimum basilicum.Basil Essential Oil, Available in the Shop


Basil is used to increase cheerfulness, promote integrity, and build trust. The magical properties of basil make it useful in spells concerning love & romance. Basil was traditionally considered a very romantic herb in Italy, and it’s still widely used today in love magic. But Basil isn’t only for use in magic, it can also help draw wealth to you as well as offer protection. 


Basil Essental Oil balances the energy body and uplifts the mood. Dull, dreary or depressing states can be alleviated with a few drops of Basil oil. Because Basil can sharpen our awareness, it helps to enhance mental focus, clarity and concentration. Basil assists in building understanding, clearing a foggy mind, and helps connect with one’s angels or spirit guides. 


For love, you can make a sachet with a few drops of Basil oil in it. Basil can also be worn as a perfume, especially when trying to soothe tempers amidst a lover’s quarrel. Wearing Basil as a perfume can deepen the harmony and intimacy between you and your partner. 


For protection, light a few oil burners around the house—ideally one for each room—and then add a few drops of Basil oil to each. This simple burning ritual will ward off negative energies or entities which may be bringing unwanted vibes into the house. 


To use Basil for wealth, good luck and money matters, try adding a few drops to your wallet or purse. Or place an oil burner with a few drops of Basil oil by the cash register of your business to increase your patronage. 

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