The Power of Rose Quartz

Though many think of Rose Quartz as a common stone, it is anything but basic! Rose Quartz resonates with the higher heart center.  Stones that sit in this center, especially Rose Quartz help us to step into love; love of ourselves, love of others, love of oneness, and unconditional love. Now the importance of unconditional love is that it leads us to loving ourselves and having compassion because we are always evolving and this needs to be nurtured and supported through healthy expressions of self love. Rose Quartz is also a stone of emotional support; it helps you to open up to love in all forms. This stone is jam packed with loving high vibrational energies that also act as protection against low vibrational energies. 

This stone can be held, worn as jewelry, placed in your pockets, or displayed within the home. There are many ways to utilize Rose Quartz energy, some even say just sitting near one will help you. There is no wrong or right way to use Rose Quartz, but here are a few suggestions: 


  • Carry as a palmstone to remind you of your love and compassion
  • Place next to your child’s bed for loving protection and soothing energy
  • Place a tumbled piece in your bottle of water to channel that loving energy into your water (rinse when done)
  • Keep one in your work area (or in your home) to promote loving energy and gratitude

This stone can help all of us connect to our inner Divine Feminine power as a way to nourish and support ourselves in healthy ways. Many beginning on their own spiritual journey who wish to work with Rose Quartz often wonder if they should get a raw stone or a tumbled one. Even amongst practitioners of crystal magic and therapy it is a highly debated subject as to the effectiveness and potentness of the crystal in one form or another.  Simply put, in my personal practice and belief, tumbled or raw, both are equally powerful and when you find the right piece, regardless of shape, it’ll call you. This is where one must listen to your intuition and see where it leads you. That being said, we hope you all are able to learn more about this beautiful Rose Quartz to incorporate it into your spiritual practice.

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