The Secret To Surviving July's Full Moon

"Just as we once had fears because we thought the earth was flat, the negative emotions that seem so real are just illusions, an entrapment of the mind."

Expect for your patience to be tested and find healthy outlets for anger. Running or exercising can be a great energy release! The astrologers are saying that it doesn't get more powerful than this full moon. Here's what you need to know to use the energy! The moon is in Capricorn which is all about business. The good news is, you will most likely find success today based on things you started in the spring. The tough part will be that we must accept the destruction and renewal process that is inherent in all of nature. We must release to acquire. We must say goodbye to say hello. There is a cycle at work and you can whether the strong emotions by preparing yourself to be solitary and meditative. They are warning couples to take extra care not to get into it. Maybe take the day for yourself and find calming ways to pass the day. The full moon energy is in effect two days before and two days after. 

The heat is on in more than one way right now. Your soul is waking up and it will feel like change. You will find that psychologically, you're going to take a trip to the garbage can because whatever isn't truly helping you will be revealed with the shadow planet Pluto in effect. Pluto rules wars and has destructive energy so use it to destroy bad habits and things that are pulling your energy down in life. Your soul is awakening for the eclipse season in August. Since the moon is in earthy Capricorn, you can channel your emotions into making plans and rational decisions to move forward. What plans have been working and which have not this year?

If you really want to channel that energy, we have a Moon Box which has a ritual specifically designed for the full moon. You can order it on our website. You'll be best to avoid people who you know are negative for this cycle. You may notice your own tendency to be jealous or manipulative rearing it's ugly head but look at it as a blessing. It is a reminder to heal that old shadow and let it go for good! When thoughts pop up, don't react, just notice them. Just look at any altercations you have with other people as a reflection of your own inner healing. The more you can embrace challenges here and say, this is something I can let go of in myself, the more empowering this full moon will be! 

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