Weekly Astrology Forecast I April 24 - Seek Ancestral Protection for Eclipse Season with this Ritual

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By: Narayana Montufar

Mantra: “I am not walking this path alone; my ancestors, angels, and higher self guide me.”

This week is relatively quiet in the sky, which is good news, as we are in the middle of eclipse season. Energetically speaking, this can be a tricky place to be, making this a good time to rest and practice gentle movement and meditation. While eclipses don’t tend to be times for practicing manifestation, they do bring the opportunity to reach a heightened connection with the spiritual realm. Besides aiding us in finding flow, this connection teaches us the concept of “full trust and surrender.”  

With the Moon and Mars being in the sign of Cancer this week, the Universe opens a door for us to connect with our ancestors. Being the zodiac sign of the Divine Mother, Cancer is a sign that remembers and holds the history of our soul, which includes our connection with people from beyond the veil. Cancerian energy knows that when we lose someone, their spirit remains alive in our hearts. If you’re feeling called to connect with an ancestor, an angel, or even a spirit guide, the ritual below is for you. 


The Ritual

You will need: a few white candles, a bundle of flowers, a dish with water, and a picture or special item that reminds you of the ancestor you are connecting with. 

Begin by clearing your space with your go-to herb like Sage or Palo Santo. Then, start setting up your altar, putting some of the flowers inside the dish and floating in the water. Surround your ancestor’s image or special item with the flowers, as an offering. 

Next, sit down to meditate for at least ten minutes to clear your mind. Once you feel calm and clear-headed, head down memory lane and remember the special moments you experienced with this person. Focus only on positive experiences, bringing back memories of the joy and love you shared. Take as long as you need to build up this feeling, as it is the bridge between you and them. 

Once you feel connected, repeat the following prayer: “Dear ancestor, I am here to ask for energetic protection and love. I know you are there, always watching over me. I feel you. I love you. I thank you.” Practice a moment of gratitude and turn the candles off. Over the next three days, turn the candles on again to keep the energetic momentum going. 



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