Weekly Astrology Forecast I December 6 - Psychic Protection & Spiritual Surrender

By Narayana Montúfar 

The first full week of December arrives with a very two-sided energy. In a way, the ambitious energy from the week before spills into this one. At the beginning of the week, the astrological weather will be buoyant, giving us the drive to charge ahead and pursue goals and ambitions. Raw passion will be in the air, giving us the illusion of being able to do anything to the point of impulsivity.

However, there will also be other planetary influences that could stop us in our tracks. This week is highly influenced by the energy of Neptune, the Cosmic Force of Illusion. Last week, we got to see its amicable side—but this week, we could see its tricky side in its full splendor. Neptune steps onto the scene as early as Tuesday when it receives a confusing square by communicative Mercury.

Mercury is now in Sagittarius, expanding our minds and opening them to the many possibilities that exist. In a clash with Neptune in Pisces, Mercury’s yearning to absorb and see the big picture creates a crisis between logic and fantasy. This combination is set to make communication blurry and confusing, so if you’re feeling the effects, it might be best to leave all important exchanges for another week. In the case that you must attend meetings or have important conversations, protect your psyche by carrying a piece of smoky quartz, black tourmaline, or pyrite.

This same aspect is going to be repeated, but this time, it will be the Sun who will clash with Neptune. And even though this clash happens on Saturday, we will be feeling its effects during the days leading up to it. While the mental fog might clear by the time the weekend arrives, Neptune’s deceptive vibes may now be felt on a more corporal level. Since the Sun is the planet that rules our vitality, when it connects with Neptune this way, tiredness and lack of energy tend to be the result.

Regardless of how hard our ambitious side might want to come out, this is a week to take it easy. On the positive side, it is also ideal for allowing our mystical, creative, and spiritual side to take over. In astrology, Neptune is the Archetype of the Mystic, ruling over all the things we can’t see, touch, or even explain. Therefore, attuning to its vibrations requires us to completely surrender to its never-ending inspiration.



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