Weekly Astrology Forecast I January 2 - Your 2023 Abundance Horoscope

Written by: Narayana Montufar 

Welcome to 2023! While this year will bring big collective changes, at a personal level, we will experience more abundance as life becomes easier. Following the movements of Jupiter—the Planet of Growth and Luck—will be key, as this planet is now moving direct in the ambitious sign of Aries. Start getting ready—because from mid-January to May 16, Jupiter will team up with other planets to help each zodiac sign grow enormously! 

Read your Sun as well as your Rising sign for some specific guidance:

Aries: Jupiter is in your sign, bringing you the optimism you need to chase your most cherished dreams. If you don’t overdo things, the sky’s the limit! 

Taurus: You will experience growth at a spiritual level in preparation for a major lucky strike coming soon. Meditate, cast spells, and connect with the other side. 

Gemini: Networking and collaborating with other people will help you succeed now, so try joining clubs or organizations that do work you believe in. 

Cancer: Your professional status will soar, and your name could reach high places due to the good work you’ve done, so keep it up! 

Leo: Your mind will be hungry for stimulation. When you study new subjects, travel to new places, and meet diverse people, you invite abundance into your life.  

Virgo: You will experience more peace and deeper intimacy in your relationships. If you’re committed, your partner could run into some luck or even money. 

Libra: A loving relationship could either begin or reach a new level of commitment. Alternatively, you could form a business partnership that proves to be successful. 

Scorpio: Your daily life will be more joyous as you receive cosmic permission to have more work/life balance and freedom to do more of the things you love. 

Sagittarius: Your creative juices will be brimming with new ideas, and it will help to focus on just a few. You will also be lucky in romance!

Capricorn: The realm of home and family is where you will experience growth, so focus on building a strong foundation that also brings you joy. 

Aquarius: Your voice is your vehicle for self-expression, so it’s the perfect time to write that book, launch that podcast, or rally people to your cause. 

Pisces: Your earning power is being boosted, so make sure to charge what your worth—or at least, ask for a juicy raise now, when the universe supports you!



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