Weekly Astrology Forecast I March 13: A Mantra Ritual to Conjure Success

By: Narayana Montufar

Welcome to a jam packed week in the sky! This is the last week of Pisces season and as the Sun traverses this territory, our powers of manifestation reach new heights. While it’s key to mention that a lot of the planets will be clashing with one another (especially on Thursday), we can certainly use this week’s cosmic surplus of intensity to our advantage. 

In astrology, difficult or hard aspects create the required energy we sometimes need to bring things to fruition. While we might run into obstacles or delays, having to take a different route creates new and exciting opportunities. So, if you’re ready to co-create with the cosmos, under this week’s “battle of the gods,” the mantra ritual below is for you! 

The Ritual

You will need a Red Candle, a piece of Fluorite or Malachite, pen & paper.

This is a mantra ritual that will align you with the energy of the current planetary alignments. For the best effect, do this ritual in the mornings to prepare your mind for the remainder of the day.

Turn the red candle on, hold the crystal in your left hand, and gaze at the flame for about five minutes while allowing the energy to settle. Then think about something you truly desire and begin picturing it coming to fruition. Spend as much time as possible in this step, visualizing every detail and step.

Once you are finished, you will grab your pen and paper and will write each one of the following seven mantras three times. Once you are finished writing them, you will say each one of them three times as well. 


  • I am the embodiment of the Spiritual Warrior, seeking the help of the element of fire. 
  • I am the Empress personified, destined to surround myself with abundance in all its forms. 
  • I am a visionary; whatever I picture in my mind, leaves the ether, taking real shape and form. 
  • My words have immense power; they are my vehicles to tell the universe what I most desire. 
  • I am committed to listening to my body, just as much as I listen to my mind and my heart. 
  • I am a master builder and I attract everything I need to make my cherished desire come true. 
  • I am devoted to evolution, spiritual growth, and never extinguishing the fire that lives within me. 
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