Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 3 – Heal From Mercury Retrograde With This Full Moon Ritual

By: Narayana Montufar 

As we begin October, the energy accelerates as we welcome this season’s Full Moon. Manifesting in the skies of Aries on Sunday, October 9th at 1:55 a.m. Pacific Time, this lunar event isn't for the faint of heart. It is for those who are bold in their search for healing and inner harmony. 

The Sun has been in Libra since September 22nd, shining a light on our relationships. Libra is also the sign Mercury started its retrograde in, bringing deep transformation in the realm of connections. With Mercury now direct and moving fast, we can channel the power of the Moon to confront any remaining relationship issues from the past. 

This Moon is activating Chiron, the Wounded Healer Archetype, bringing us the cosmic permission to express our deepest desires and what makes us feel unique and special, regardless of how that makes others feel! Are you ready? If you are, the following ritual is for you (can be performed up to 3 days before and after)! 


Aries Full Moon Ritual

 You will need a red candle, a pink candle, Dragon’s Blood essential oil, and a small flower bouquet. 

Head to a place where you feel totally comfortable and begin by taking a couple of deep breaths. Take your mind to a place in the past in which you didn’t speak up for yourself. Or perhaps a time in which you gave up an important part of yourself to accommodate someone else’s personal needs or philosophy of life. Then, fast-forward to the present and meditate on how that resonates with the “here and now.”

Next, grab your candles and begin to anoint them with the Dragon’s Blood essential oil. Then, place the candles in front of you—the pink on the left and the red on the right. As you light both candles in that particular order, begin to re-live those moments in your mind. Except that this time, imagine yourself boldly and unapologetically putting yourself first. 

Then, grab the bouquet of flowers and pull the petals away. Start to bathe yourself with the petals as you visualize yourself surrounded by a bright red light saying the mantra: “I love myself, exactly as I am. I call in love, I call in courage.” 

Lastly, put the petals outside to dry under the moonlight—and once they are dry, put them on your altar to remind you of the importance to practice self-love and stay true to your very own authenticity. 



Full Moon in Aries Candle

Full Moon in Aries Magic Candle 


Dragons Blood Incense

Dragon's Blood Incense Pack 


Your Intuition Led You Here Book

"Your Intuition Led You Here" Ritual Book


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