Weekly Astrology Forecast | MAY 3

This week is following up after the intensity of last week's transits. The Sun, the life force, and Uranus, the planet of rebellion meeting together last Friday, have made for some internal shifts ready to lead you into your next evolution. With Jupiter in the final degrees of Aquarius, set out the dream you wish to achieve for the greater good. How have you been approaching the meaning to your life? What can you do to fuel your spirit to keep searching for greater answers?

This week's Moon phases are shifting from Capricorn to Aries. This is a week surrounded by the ability to get things done. Although Taurus season is a season meant to take things slow and steady, what can you implement in your daily life to make you feel more comfortable taking on the limelight? You have to be willing and ready to show up for yourself and who you are this week. Despite any bumps in the road, you will be able to overcome any doubt as long as you remember to honor your sovereignty.

With Mercury entering into Gemini on Tuesday, prepare for the collective to be more communicative than ever. The social energy will begin to start buzzing as we have entered deeper into the springtime. This is a time to connect with kindred spirits and start to converse about whatever comes to mind. By speaking to others during this transit, you will start to unravel parts of your mind you may not have accessed otherwise. Be mindful that sometimes wisdom can come from the most unlikely places. You have to keep your ears open for the universe's wisdom to come through.

During the week you, be willing to integrate your higher mind when it comes to your decision-making. Are the choices, conversations, and people you decide to interact with a part of the truth to your higher self? It's time to break free of the limits that have once been placed upon you in an old system. Prepare to renewal and be willing to share with others the stories of how far you've come in your transformation.




In this class, we will be going over some of the critical correspondences with astrology, numerology, mythology, and more.


The 4th house in astrology is the energy signature behind your family, private life, and ancestral ties. We will be exploring how the energies from this house reveal to you how to honor your ancestry and how you best nurture and honor yourself. 


In this class, we will be covering what spreads you should do and what spreads are the most effective in certain situations. Learning these setups will take your tarot knowledge to new heights.


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