Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: October 18th to October 24th  

By Narayana Montúfar

Removing Obstacles: Fasten your seat belt, because this week, the planetary pace really picks up! On Monday, two planets end their retrograde journey. Both Jupiter and Mercury will be waking up from their nap, which could bring us a rush of energy as we get our week started. Expect to receive good news in the form of emails, texts, and phone calls. Optimism could be the norm around this time, as the air will be charged with the generosity of Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance.

But this week’s active pace is brought to you by Mars, the Planet of Drive, Ambition, and Masculine Energy. The truth is that Mars has been stealing the show by highly coloring the astrology of the entire Libra season. And this week, we will really get to experience this archetype in its full splendor.

By now, we know how Mars behaves in Libra, as the red planet has been here since September 14th, turning our attention to our one-one-one connections. And hopefully, we’ve been channeling its influence to assert ourselves in this and other realms of our lives. It’s been fiery to say the least, but we’ve come to the end of this journey. And this week, everything we learned during the past few weeks will be put to the test.

During the days ahead, Mars will connect with Jupiter, Pluto, and this week’s Full Moon (check out our blog about this lunation). This combination involving five planets is the epitome of a raw ambition that has been building up inside of us, and that is begging to come out!

Together, these planets can really help us remove blocks, break walls, and open the road for a higher expression of our masculine energy. But there’s a catch! Because two of these planets are of the intense type (Mars and Pluto), we must be careful when directing this energy. If we are not careful, it can go from 0 to 10 in a heartbeat.

In order to manifest the dissolution of obstacles, we must embody the archetype of Libra, which in a way, goes against the nature of Mars. In the Sign of the Scales, Mars is all about strategy, diplomacy, and fairness. It sure is a little bit of a contradiction—but if we can master it, we can come out winners!

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