Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: October 25th to October 31st

By Narayana Montúfar

Lucky Jupiter Revives Inspiration: This week, as we fully shift from the Air to the Water element, our focus will go inwards, which will feel very welcome and healing. In fact, many of us might ditch productivity, as the cosmos will be asking us to forget about the world around us so we can focus on ourselves.

Lady Venus leads the week to reconnect us with our inner feminine and creative sage. On Tuesday, she will pair with nebulous Neptune to throw a spell that is bound to hypnotize us.  As Venus sits exactly across from Neptune in the sky, feelings of perplexity are bound to come out. This confusion could show up in the form of vulnerability, insecurity, and the need to escape something or someone.

On the positive side, when Venus and Neptune clash, we can rise above and reach incredible sources of inspiration, imagination and compassion. Since Venus is in Sagittarius and Neptune is in Pisces, the two spiritual seekers of the zodiac, we’re getting a nudge to connect with a higher realm. And if we can reach it, colorful visions, inventive ideas, and moments of ecstasy are on the menu. 

Two days later, the fantasy vibes reach new heights as lover Venus forms a golden sextile with Jupiter. Since Jupiter’s involvement is set to magnify the aspect above, our yearning for freedom will be even deeper. Similarly, our thirst for inspiration is bound to become unsatiable.

In astrology, Venus and Jupiter are the two most bountiful planets, and when they connect, an amazing amount of positivity is available to us. But here’s a catch! Because this is an easy aspect between two planets that make us “feel good,” the relaxation vibes might overcome the desire to search for meaning. So, search for it.

This is a time of inspiration and creative stimulation during which we can connect to higher vibrations when we actively immerse ourselves in any form of art, music, or performance. Also, it’s not about the end result, this involvement in the creative process is about gaining a greater understanding of the purpose we’ve been developing in our lives. Since Jupiter is the planet that sets the tone for our growth and it’s finally direct, connecting with him provides a glance at the abundance that we can find during the next few months.

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