HOI Apps


We have just released our new House of Intuition apps for iPhone and Android users. 

The app is not just for convenient shipping and browsing the site on a mobile device.

It's also an access point to our vast library of HOI.TV content. If you have the app installed, you will get access to the latest Moon meditations that we release on every New Moon and Full Moon.

We will also highlight one class at a time from our library of hundreds of HOI.TV videos and classes that are normally for members only.

We have the app for both Android and iOS devices and it's completely free to install.

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/…/house-of-intuition-sh…/id1462123090


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.tapcart.app.id_uUW1Pf1AMU&hl=en_USThe new HOI appThroughout the years we've released a few different versions of our popular HOI.TV app. Those apps are not supported anymore and we are working on getting them out of the app stores - due to the policies of the app-stores, it is more difficult to get the old apps out from there than you might expect.

If you search "House of Intuition" on the Apple app store, it will give you options to 3 different apps. Make sure you install the one titled: HOUSE OF INTUITION SHOP. 

 Please send any feedback or questions to support@houseofintuitionla.com.