Meet the Expert - Breana

Bre, our Crystal Expert for House of Intuition, began her spiritual journey with the House in 2011. Bre was drawn to spiritualism like a moth to a flame and soon realized her love for crystals after taking the time to not only learn the names of all crystals we carry, but also learning the many magical healing properties each stone embodies. Once she became more established in her knowledge of crystals and minerals, Bre decided to begin a new chapter as a Crystal Expert for House of Intuition.

Bre felt compelled to share her gifts of crystal healing with the collective as a way to give back to the community and inspire others to launch a healing journey of their very own.

She is the host of House of Intuition's “Crystal Talk Thursdays” - which can be viewed every Thursday at 12:30 pm via our @houseofintuition instagram. During these Crystal Talk sessions, she begins with an energetic forecast, explaining the current energy surrounding us as a unit. After these energetic themes are introduced, she guides you through hand picked crystals that will help you through the duration of that week.

Bre loves the opportunity to interact with our followers from all around the world and her goal is to spread positivity while offering understanding of the crystals and how they can bring more joy and happiness into your life.