Please call (213) 413-8300 to book this healing service.

Reiki (Japanese hand healing) or as we like to refer to it as "massage for the soul", is the art of working with ones "life force energy". With the combination of intuitive/ clairvoyant abilities and practical application of the traditional Reiki symbols clients can benefit in numerous ways from a session. Chakra balancing is one of the most common results from a Reiki session. 

Clients are evaluated upon arrival both verbally and with the scan of their aura for emotional/ physical issues. With a combination of prayers, crystal grids, sound therapy and sacred herbs/ aroma therapy each client's session is tailored to their individual needs and situation. 

Reiki helps remove energetic blocks within the mind, body and spirit promoting wellness and harmony. Clearing and aligning one's channels to feel emotionally and physically more at ease is the goal for these sessions. Many clients feel "lighter" and notice an immediate shift in their emotional state, and leave feeling more positive and balanced. 

30 Minutes 

60 Minutes 

90 Minutes 


We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life and are happy to honor your business as follows. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel/reschedule an appointment. If you are unable to give us 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full amount of your appointment.  We greatly thank you for your courtesy and understanding.


Please call (213) 413-8300 to book this healing service.