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Agate Geode

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Chakra: Root

When feeling out of balance, Agate gently brings one back to our center. The signature "rings" in an agate represent the constant flow of energy through the chakras. This flow of energy is what allows one to feel stabilized. Agate is beneficial for those who look to remain grounded and practical.

The geode is a shape of strength and safety. During its formation, the elements outside of the geode will change and shift but the environment inside remains unchanged. The hollow inside of a geode is an oasis of magic where each tiny, individual crystals comes together to form one beautiful piece. The beauty of Agate geodes is that from the outside they may not seem like much, and it is impossible to predict the beauty they hold within until they are opened and the unique magic of the piece is revealed.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.

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