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Apache Tears Tumble

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This is an empathetic stone that works as a support system during times of deep grief and despair. Legend has it that these crystals were formed when tears of the women from the First nation tribe fell to the earth and turned to stone. While other types of obsidian work to deflect negative energy altogether, Apache Tear Obsidian helps to heal the energetic scarring that negative experiences may leave behind. This is a stone that helps you through the storm, reminding you that the light will once again appear.

The protective nature of the stone keeps you safe while you may be vulnerable from grief. Some feel as though once the Apache Tear Obsidian has helped you through the experience, it is best to show gratitude and give the stone back to Mother Earth, connecting back to the energy from which it came.

Chakra: Root

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.

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