Balance Hair Mystics - House of Intuition
Balance Hair Mystics - House of Intuition

Balance Hair Mystics

Many spiritual practices believe that your hair is an antenna to the heavens from your radiant body to the Universe.

Enter our long-time customer favorite: HAIR MYSTICS.

Our handmade aromatherapeutic hair mists are one-part hair perfume, one-part hair sea salt texturizer, one-part self-protection mist, and one million parts magical!

Infused with essential oils, crystals (swirl and shake each time you reach for it before you spritz) flower energy, plant medicine and sea salt for cleansing and purifying your aura.

Cleansing and protecting your aura with Hair Mystics is a quick and easy to make your aura-bubble bright.

What do you like to do with your crystals at the bottom of your bottle when it's empty?
Share below!

Choose from what you'd like to manifest including Beau (unisex), Balance, Wisdom, Elegance, Scalp Healing, or Harmony.

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