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Black Obsidian Arrowhead

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Chakra: root

A type of volcanic glass created when lava cools, Black Obsidian is a powerful protector. This combination of earth and fire create a grounding stone that burns through any tension one may be holding in their body. Obsidian works like a shield around you, deflecting any negative energy you may come across and keeping it out of your aura. The naturally reflective surface works like a mirror, forcing us to also look within to see the negative tendencies we may be holding on to. The sheen of obsidian also works as a screen, projecting visions and intuitive messages onto the surface making it ideal for meditation.

Arrowheads are beneficial for energetic cord-cutting. Waving the stone through your energetic field can help to cut the energetic cords and ties that siphon out our energy leaving you drained and tired. The arrowhead is a sacred symbol of protection and strength.

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