Calming Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Calming Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Calming Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Calming Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Calming Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Calming Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Calming Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals

Calming Crystal Set

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This high vibration crystal set is ideal for those working on manifesting intentions surrounding:


Each set includes 6 intuitively chosen crystals, hand-picked and curated into a magical combination to magnify their individual energies and align you with their specific vibrations.  Bundled together in our signature HOI Pouch, these crystals were knowledgeably selected to complement one another and to help you powerfully draw in that which you seek.

Use them in a crystal grid, place them on your altar or work with them individually. Take a moment to ground yourself, quiet your mind, and allow them to tell you the best way to work with their energy. Trust that the guidance these stones bring - and the universe around you - will shine a light on the pathway towards your goals. More info


It's hard to look at Howlite and not immediately feel calm. Howlite teaches us that sometimes stillness is the best response to assertive energy. This stone understands that reactions based on anger are created from a place of pain and hurt. Howlite asks that we rise above this to access true enlightenment. Those who tend to be anxious or overthinkers will benefit from the energy of Howlite. The calming vibrations of this stone promote peace and tranquility wherever you carry it but are extremely beneficial for creating sweet dreams.


Helping to clear the clouds of confusion and distraction, Fluorite provides a refreshed sense of focus and awareness. This stone makes a great partner to those who would like to deepen their meditation but have trouble with concentration. Fluorite reminds us that the answers we are constantly seeking cannot be found in the external but instead are within ourselves. 


This stone is connected to the element of water for a reason. Not only is its appearance reminiscent of a clear pool of water but it also helps to wash energies we've absorbed from others. Ideal for the ultra-sensitive empath, Blue obsidian works like a filter, making sure you aren't taking responsibility for emotions that don't belong to you. This makes it much easier to stay in tune with yourself, listening to your own needs, and letting go of the negativity.


Sodalite is the friend that is always the voice of reason.  When we're focused on the 'buts' and 'what if's' of life, Sodalite brings us back to our center. It's easy to get wrapped up in the possibilities of things not going our way, but sodalite reminds us that universe has our back. Dispelling these negative or frantic emotions, it makes room for our intuition to heighten and guide us. Having a more objective view of the situation allows us to move through life without the scattered anxieties of the future but instead to remain grounded in the present.


With a color that's reminiscent of walking through a field of lavender, Lepidolite is the ultimate calming stone. The magic of Lepidolite is that it dissolves the anxiety in the crown chakra, which is why it's great to have around during the "transition" phases of life that can be stressful or painful. Lepidolite is here to teach us that true happiness does not mean being "positive" all of the time but instead when we are able to understand that even on our worst days a brighter one is just around the corner.


Selenite is both multifaceted and extremely adaptable. Its unique vibration has the potential to resonate with many different types of people for a multitude of different purposes. Selenite is extremely effective in removing negativity or energy blocks from your other crystals. Similarly, one can use a Selenite wand to cleanse chakra blockages from their own energy centers. Since it is self-cleansing it retains no negative energy that it may have absorbed and instead transmutes it into a positive vibration. Selenite makes a wonderful stone to have in the home by cleansing negative energy from a space and inviting in protective Divine light.



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