Magic Dusting Powder Collection (5pcs) Personal Care -Dusting Powder Discontinued

Magic Dusting Powder Collection (5pcs)

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This Ultimate Set comes with all 5 Magic Dusting Powders listed below.

Dusting powders are utilized in sacred rituals to infuse objects with powerful intention. Unleash magic in a variety of ways. Blow them across candles you are dressing. Dust them over important paperwork or valued objects. Sprinkle them throughout your home, work, or sacred space.

PROTECT Dusting Powder is a grey hue and protects you from negative energy, spirits and the evil eye. Scatter around your door or wherever you need protection.

PROSPER Magic Dusting Powder is a lucky green and represents all things money should bring - security, wealth, abundance. Dust over wallets, paperwork, anywhere you would like to invite prosperity.

LOVE Magic Dusting Powder is a nurturing pink and represents love in all forms - unconditional for yourself, devotion to your significant other, and burning passion. Strew during sacred self care rituals such as baths, or over talismans.

MANIFEST Magic Dusting Powder is an energizing gold to bring new ideas, creativity, and make dreams a reality. Try a few dashes around your sacred creative space to invoke.

• Scented with essential oils, no synthetic fragrances
• Safe for skin, pets, candles, and bath rituals
• Not vegan

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