Tourmaline Rainbow Crystal Chip Bracelet Bracelet -Premiere Power V220

Tourmaline Rainbow Crystal Chip Bracelet

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Pink / Ruby Tourmaline

Chakra: Heart

The unconditional love held within Pink Tourmaline makes it an essential for any crystal collection. Expanding the vibration of love of every level, it heals - and cleanses - the spirit of the wounds left by past relationships and unhealthy dynamics. Shining light on the pathway towards self-love, Pink Tourmaline infuses the truth that our most important relationship is with ourselves. Also acting as an aphrodisiac, this stone makes you magnetic, drawing love towards you.

Black Tourmaline

Chakra- Root

One of the most well-known protectors, Black tourmaline is a staple for any crystal family. Working to keep bad vibes at bay, Black Tourmaline is always there to defend us and keep our energy grounded. It works like a sponge, absorbing any negative energy that might be hanging around. It then transmutes it into positive energy and recycles this clean new energy back out into the atmosphere. A great crystal for the home, Black Tourmaline keeps your most sacred space protected. This includes any harsh energies you may be bringing home after the end of a long day in a hectic world, Black Tourmaline will bring everything back to the bright side. However, don't feel as though you have to limit your connection there, Black Tourmaline can also be carried with you throughout the day for the ultimate "on-the-go" protection.

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