HEALING BOX Specialty Boxes House of Intuition
HEALING BOX Specialty Boxes House of Intuition
HEALING BOX Specialty Boxes House of Intuition
HEALING BOX Specialty Boxes House of Intuition

Healing Box

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Restore your spirit - House of Intuition founders Alex and Marlene carefully curated the Healing Box Set to help you rejuvenate your energy field and reconnect with your soul. 


Healing Magic Candle
Sword & Shield Anointing Oil
Anew Organic Spray
Rose Quartz Crystal Body Polish
Love Magic Dusting Powder
Moon Matches
Healing Smudge Kit

Welcome in trust and faith. To start, clear the air and define your sacred space with the Healing Smudge Kit. This ritual kit contains abalone shell, charcoal tablets, matches, an intention infused candle, salts and Iwala Magic Incense Blend. While smudging your space and aura, think about what lower vibrations you want to clear out, and what supportive energies you want to immerse yourself in.

Let the Healing Magic Candle illuminate the path to healing traumas from the past, whether mental, emotional or physical. If you are recuperating from illness, rallying after a breakup, or mourning a loss, this candle can focus your intention, expedite your recovery process and return you to wholeness. Light for yourself - or a loved one - to help heal wounds of all kinds and provide the energy necessary to regain whatever power has been lost.

House of Intuition Moon Matches were created specifically for candle magic use. The Moon is our radiant and maternal celestial body. Under its glow, explore your emotional compass and meditate on what makes you feel most safe, nurtured and secure - to bring more of it into your life.

A powerful companion for the Magic Candle is the Sword & Shield Anointing Oil to ward off negative influences as you heal. This oil blend is set with the intention to help clear and purify, as well as protect. You can use this handcrafted oil to dress your candles, dress your bath or dress your skin. Dab on your body’s chakra energy points to fortify your energy field, or wherever you feel guided.

Rose Quartz is the universal healing stone of love. Gently scrub away any auric debris or blockages with the Rose Quartz Crystal Body Polish - a restorative blend of Rose, Sandalwood, and Neroli. Small acts of self-care and kindness for one’s self is more powerful and magical than you could ever imagine.

Surround yourself in healing energy. LOVE Magic Dusting Powder is a nurturing pink and represents love in all forms. Strew during sacred self-care rituals such as baths, sprinkle on the pages over which you journal, or dust lightly over symbolic talismans to amplify.

Reinvigorate your path ahead by welcoming new beginnings and positive change. Use the Anew Organic Spray throughout your sacred or everyday space. The fresh, organic citrus aroma dispels stagnant energy to create space for newer and higher vibrations. Great for resetting and centering oneself. Made with magic, love and intention at House of Intuition using Lemon, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Helichyrsum and Rose essential oils in pure distilled water.

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