Ire Aye Incense Blend

House of Intuition


Ire' Aye' (Blessings of Money) - Patchouli, Palo Santo, Frankincense Powder, and Dragons Blood 

Manifest monetary abundance and encourage a magical rain of riches with our Ire’ Aye’ blend. Clear the path for new financial beginnings with a luxurious concoction of incenses like Patchouli and Dragon’s Blood specifically mixed for powerful money magic work. Uses: Burn on charcoal or lightly dust away from the wick inside candles to help magnify your magical intentions.  

Uses: Cleansing your space, changing the energy with the power of scent or in ritual. The best way to burn resin is on incense charcoals. Place the incense charcoals in a heat-resistant container that is filled with salt, sand or ash. 

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