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Jet Tumble

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Chakra: Root
Magic in disguise, Jet is actually not a crystal at all but instead the product of organic matter. Formed when tree bark is immersed in water and fossilized, Jet has been held in high regard since 1400 BC. However, just because it's not technically a stone does not make Jet any less magical. Its original form as a tree means Jet is great for grounding energy, giving us energetic roots that connect us to Earth's energy. If you happen to be an empath then this stone is for you. Jet protects against absorbing the emotions of those around us. It keeps us and our energy safe in our own bubble so we aren't constantly being bombarded by the energies of everyone else. Jet makes sure we stay in tune with our own rhythm, and reminds us that prioritizing our needs is the ultimate self care.

Size, shape and exact color varies due to each stone being unique.

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