Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals
Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set Crystal Set Crystals

Mercury Retrograde Crystal Set

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This high vibration crystal set is ideal for not just getting you through Mercury Retrograde - but helping you come out of it a more evolved high vibrational version of yourself. 

Each set includes 6 intuitively chosen crystals, hand-picked and curated into a magical combination to magnify their individual energies and align you with their specific vibrations.  Bundled together in our signature HOI Pouch, these crystals were knowledgeably selected to complement one another and to help you powerfully draw in that which you seek.

Use them in a crystal grid, place them on your altar or work with them individually. Take a moment to ground yourself, quiet your mind, and allow them to tell you the best way to work with their energy. Trust that the guidance these stones bring - and the universe around you - will shine a light on the pathway towards your goals. More info


Blue Calcite is one of the most calming stones you'll come across. You'll find an oasis of soothing energy with this stone when your nerves are getting the best of you. Feeling like you're lost in the clouds of confusion? Blue Calcite will wrap you up in a blanket of relaxation. If you're the type of person whos thoughts tend to veer in the direction of everything that could go wrong, Blue Calcite is the dose of optimism you need to see the divine timing in life. Mercury governs communication so when retrograde happens, it can be hard to communicate effectively. Blue Calcite clears the throat chakra and makes sure that nothing is getting lost in translation


Encapsulating both dark and light, Zebra Jasper is a stone of balance. This energy allows you to access high vibrational meditation while also staying grounded and centered. Zebra Jasper is a stone that will not allow you to be passive or apathetic. It asks that you do everything with passion and love. Zebra Jasper inspires optimism, allowing you to find joy in even the simplest parts of life.


Mercury in Retrograde wants you to come out of it as a stronger more empowered person. this is where Amazonite comes in. This is the perfect stone for those on a journey of self-discovery. Guiding one towards becoming their most authentic self, expressing ourselves truly and confidently, amazonite helps with removing blockages in the heart chakra associated with negative self-talk. These blockages are removed and in their place, we are able to find a new sense of self-confidence, unfazed by the judgment of others and tuned in to our own empowerment.


Black Onyx is a stone of strength and guidance. In times of stress and loss, it allows us to maintain our grounding and not feel overwhelmed. The protective aspects of this stone take negative energy around us and transmute it into something more positive. With this stone - negativity becomes positivity, aggression becomes strength, and apathy becomes perseverance.


Mercury is in Retrograde three to four times a year - and when that time comes around it forces us to reflect on ourselves and let go. Galaxy Rhyolite is the perfect companion for this. This is a stone of self-awareness. It asks you to reflect on yourself as a person and ask yourself the tough questions. What are you holding on to that's holding you back? Galaxy Rhyolite will bring what isn't healed within us and ask that we let it go. This crystal is all about resolutions and has a naturally protective nature. Mercury in Retrograde can throw curveballs your way but Galaxy Rhyolite will help you deal with them calmly. 


Selenite is both multifaceted and extremely adaptable. Its unique vibration has the potential to resonate with many different types of people for a multitude of different purposes. Selenite is extremely effective in removing negativity or energy blocks from your other crystals. Similarly, one can use a Selenite wand to cleanse chakra blockages from their own energy centers. Since it is self-cleansing it retains no negative energy that it may have absorbed and instead transmutes it into a positive vibration. Selenite makes a wonderful stone to have in the home by cleansing negative energy from a space and inviting in protective Divine light.

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