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Rhodochrosite Slice

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Chakra: Heart

This is a stone of tender loving care for your most important relationship - the one with yourself. Rhodochrosite wants you to feel empowered to look back at your past from a place of empathy for the 'you that used to be'. Its nurturing energy is there for us as we reexamine old hurts, traumas and wounds. With this stone we can look at them from a new point of view and acknowledge the feelings we may have had to suppress. Rhodochrosite is the companion crystal that tells us these emotions no longer have control over us and we are a stronger more enlightened person because of them. Like a lighthouse that guides us towards the shores of emotional happiness, a place where we find true love for ourselves and with others. By no longer being tied down by what was, we are able to move towards what will be and the unlimited potential held there.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form. Some come lighter or darker.

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