Turritella Agate Tumbles Turritella Agate Crystals A. $2.00

Turritella Agate Tumble

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Chakra: Root

Turritella is a stone that connects you with the spirits of your ancestors. Through this connection you can better understand your roots and the web that connects you to those that came before. Turritella Agate is a helpful companion if you're working on past life regression or karmic ties that may be presenting themselves to you in this life. Its connection the Root Chakra gives in a grounding influence, helping you stay focused on projects when you normally may feel flighty or restless.

Aprox Size.

A. 1""L x 0.5"" W

B. 1.25"" L x 1"" W

B. 2"" L x 1"" W"

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