The Magic of Essential Oils: Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf Essential Oil Healing Qualities


Bay Leaf essential oil is used for healing and purification. Good for strength or protection, it’s also useful for enhancing psychic ability.  


Bay Leaf essential oil can help inspire and foster creativity, so it can be useful when treating writer’s block, or other creative blockages. It’s very helpful for boosting confidence and instilling a sense of purpose and direction. That’s what makes Bay Leaf particularly useful for artists who are prone to self-doubt or disillusionment. Bay Leaf can dispel that kind of self-consciousness so that you can be inspired to create with confidence again. 

Bay Leaf Essential Oil

Bay Leaf receives its confidence-boosting properties from the Sun, it’s ruling planet. The Sun represents the self, including self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image, so Bay Leaf is helpful in treating problems in these areas. The fiery solar energy clears away confusion, uncertainty and doubt, which is how it boosts confidence. This clearing of confusion can be so effective as to enhance psychic ability, clairvoyance, and wise understanding.  


Bay Leaf is a forward-looking herb, so it’s especially useful for divination and seeing the future, but not necessarily for learning about the past. It can help tear our attention away from past wounds and start looking to the future, which makes it useful for those who are grieving or mourning a loss.  


Bay Leaf was inhaled by ancient priestesses, including the Oracle at Delphi, in order to induce prophetic visions. Add this to your oil burners, sachets or mojo bags, or use it to dress your candles, amulets or power objects. 

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