The Magic of Essential Oils: Bergamot

Bergamot Essential Oil Healing Properties


Bergamot, or citrus aurantium bergamia, is an essential oil commonly used for money and success. To attract money, wealth or success in general, place three to five drops of Bergamot oil in your wallet, purse and pockets. Dripping some directly onto coins and bills is also useful, especially if you then spend that money on items relating to your goal. You can also place a few drops in a sachet or mojo bag with other herbs to carry around. Burning some Bergamot oil in your place of business on a simple oil burner can also be an effective way to attract new customers. 

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Spiritually, Bergamot can enhance balance in your life. If you are feeling scatter-brained and spread too thin, Bergamot can help restore some stability.  


Bergamot is also excellent for strength and protection. Add a few drops to a ritual bath and soak in the dilution in order to absorb some of the protective energy of Bergamot. 


Bergamot is also effective in promoting joy. The sweet, floral scent is uplifting and can dispel depression. Bergamot even has some aphrodisiac qualities so it can be used to enhance your sex life and bring more passion into the bedroom. During crises, panic attacks and emotional breakdown, Bergamot can help to uplift and restore balance. 


As herbal medicine, Bergamot is useful for treating boils, cold sores, acne and insect bites. It’s also quite useful when treating fevers, flu, and cough & cold. Bergamot is known to be an antidepressant so it can be useful in treating depression and stimulating appetite. 


Bergamot is both refreshing and calming, soothing and uplifting, and can help you restore balance and joy in your life. 

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